3 Key Factors to Draw More Patients in Medical Tourism

Are you looking for effective ways to attract more patients to your medical tourism practice? There is an enormous difference in getting local patient vs attending to international patients’ needs. Medical tourism provides an opportunity to attract new higher paying patients, but it also requires a systematic process, time, effort, and, in many cases, an investment.  

PlacidWay platform helps you manage the entire lifecycle of medical tourism program in one place. From online marketing to attract interested international patients to communicating with potential patients via many communications channels and convincing them to come to you. The systematic process allows you to grow your medical tourism practice and get higher number of patients and revenue while beating your competition.  

With PlacidWay platform, you are in-charge. You can control your own success by adopting three (3) major factors: 

Marketing and Education: Attract new patients through in-dept PlacidWay marketing services 

The number of new patient leads you receive depends on how much educational information you present to the patients. By just saying “I am the best” is no longer a value proposition. To build patient trust, you must connect with a patient on a very personal level and provide all the possible information they are looking for a specific procedure. The how, what, where, why, etc. should be covered in-depth. PlacidWay offers many solutions to showcase vital information to patients looking for medical procedures abroad. 

PlacidWay's extensive online educational marketing solutions include: 

 Center profiles – Establish clear value proposition why your clinic is the best to address customer’s needs.  

 Packages – Define all-inclusive packages to promote price transparency.  

 Doctor profile – Let patients know more about your education, experience, and credentials. 

 Treatment costs – Let patients compare your competitive prices and your value proposition with others center just like any other buying experience. 

 Videos – Show your facility, services, and past patient testimonials with a video. 

 ArticlesEducate your patients with informational content about your medical services and how you have solved similar problems with others. 

 Patient Reviews – Ensure new patients trust you through your past patient's experience. 

PlacidWay is industry’s most comprehensive educational marketing platform that helps you control your own goals. It depends on your practice knowledge and how you will educate your customer on why they should consider you. 

Customer Experience: Establish trust with exceptional customer service 

Patients are looking for providers with whom they can connect and build a trusting relationship. Patients, for example, want specific answers, virtual consultations, and all-inclusive price quotes. An empathy driven personalized customer experience can make a difference.  

Understanding and communicating effectively with the customer will help you attract more patients. Building trust with the customer is essential for attracting more patients. If you help the patients efficiently, answer all their questions and understand what they need, and at a price point they can afford, the chances of growing your practice will increase.  

PlacidWay platform allows you to connect directly with patients using multiple channels: 

 Emails: traditional way to communicate details of your solutions 

 Phone Call to understand customer needs 

 Video Chats to provide virtual consultation – a MUST in post-covid era 

 Messenger to connect with patient quickly through their WhatsApp or SMS.  

• Appointment Calendars to let customers know when you are available 

Digitally connecting with patients could remove any miscommunications. It shows you are transparent, ethical, and can have everything in writing or digitally available to build a trusted relationship. This is a key factor in patient conversion rate. 

Competitive Prices: International patients DO shop around 

Are your prices competitive in your market (not compared to American market)? In medical tourism, treatment costs are one of the most critical factors to attract customers. Just like our own buying habits, people want to compare price, service, and quality. Think from a consumer perspective – how does your cost compare with others who are offering similar products? If there is a major price difference, how will they select and where will a customer go? 

You can provide the best service possible, but if a patient cannot afford it, you will not accomplish your goal of becoming the world's leading clinic. The competition is aware of this, so offering competitive prices is critical. 

The medical tourism industry is evolving post-covid. Controlling the entire patient experience is critical and PlacidWay provides a platform to you to present your services worldwide while defining your competitive advantage.  You control your medical tourism destiny.  

Educating potential customers will increase your credibility, which is necessary for trust-building. 

Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Patients Acquisition with PlacidWay Platform 

Education, Customer Experience, and Competitive Prices will drive your success in medical tourism industry. Based on our 15+ years of experience and working with over 1,000 medical centers in 50 countries, we can guide you to be the best. PlacidWay is a comprehensive marketplace which allows you to take charge of how you present, interact, and acquire your international patients.  

Join us and become part of the PlacidWay medical tourism platform! 

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