From Patient Nurturing to Patient Conversion in Medical Tourism

Once you acquire a patient lead through effective marketing and educational approaches, the next best step is to make sure you nurture that lead. You must work hard to convince the patient that you are the best solution for him or her. However, some healthcare providers mistakenly believe this aspect of healthcare doesn’t rest on their shoulders.

On the contrary, the best “Salesperson” in an organization is the organization/provider itself. In order to generate and maintain total customer satisfaction and quality, you, the healthcare provider, must able to control this process effectively. The objective should be to offer any patient the best experience of their life.

The Importance of the Human Experience

The healthcare providers constantly deal with extreme human emotions. For that reason, it is critical to nurture compassion and empathy and offer patients the expertise, information and results they’re looking for in the most effective manner possible. The result of this phase is a patient that has ultimately decided to explore your services and visit your facilities.

Major factors involved in this process from the patient’s perspective include;

  1. Language– Can you speak in a language that patient can understand? Communications is the key to any effective healthcare service.
  2. How do you amass information about a patient’s condition?
  3. What do you have to offer regarding treatment plans? What makes you unique?
  4. How well do you answer questions about the importance of their specific treatment?
  5. Do you offer evaluation specialists when necessary during the nurturing process?
  6. Do you offer multiple treatment options and choices when possible?
  7. Do you provide travel and accommodation considerations

Positioning Yourself Effectively

In the medical field, specifically on medical travel, the ability to position and sell value effectively is critical, more now than ever before. Consumers are socially connected and fluid in their thinking and ideas, depending on situation.

Medical providers and/or government health agencies who are able to adapt to this new understanding from consumers, and analyze their wants and needs, will be the ones to  succeed in the next generation of medical tourism business.

This new generation of medical travelers has evolved through today's wide access to social media and literally tons of information. They're less reliant on a specific medical provider's perceived diagnosis and solutions. These informed individuals are often able to identify their own conditions, conduct research independently, access peer and professional knowledge, and ask questions, receive answers and participate in related blogs and forums. They're able to define what they're looking for when evaluating their selection of a healthcare provider or facility to meet their needs.

Adapting to this new paradigm requires a new way of thinking; a new framework, skills, activities, and tools that are now essential for effective patient acquisition. You need to be willing to adapt your execution strategy and explore how your processes, methodologies, and specific skills and needs can be adapted to this new breed of customer or buyer.

What is this New Aspect of "Sellability" in Medical Travel?

What does this new approach demand from you, the medical provider? Check it out:

  • Process – Defining your international patient coordination process will not only help with what to do, but also it will establish how things should be done.
  • Philosophy - The customer must be the focus. Your first goal is to help your customers solve their health problems. Give them the best solutions to help them reach positive and measurable results or outcomes to their problems.
  • Guide - Your ability to guide your customer from where they are now to where they want to be in the future – a map of their present condition to future desired state.
  • Methodology - You must be able to provide methods that include tools, techniques, and procedures - a complete system that helps your customer achieve their goals.
  • Customer Management System - Effectively manage and analyze your processes and pipelines in order to help manage your customers and their expectations.

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