Is the treatment price the main concern of the patient?

Medical tourism represents a worldwide phenomenon of billions of dollars that is expected to grow considerably in the next decade. For the individual interested in medical services, costs are the key factor involved in the decision to receive medical assistance abroad.

Before deciding which clinic to consult and book, patients like to do a thorough research. We live in a world where, thanks to the Internet, we can find as many answers as possible. Based on the latest industry research, one of the most common research keywords is a treatment price. If we are speaking about the tummy tuck procedure, most of the patients will start their research by showing the highest interest about the tummy tuck price.

We need to keep in mind that the main reason why patients decide to go for a treatment abroad is the cheapest price of the treatment compared to their domestic country, followed by restricted treatments, high qualification for a treatment abroad etc. However, this doesn't mean that the patients will opt for the cheapest treatment as there are many factors that are affecting patient's decision-making process. Based on the latest research, only 20% of the patients that booked up the appointments were led by the price of the treatment itself.

Main factors that are affecting patient decision making process?

When people decide to undergo a procedure in another country, there are many factors they consider:

  • The qualification of the doctor that will perform the surgery;
  • The medical service in the hospital;
  • The conditions of the hospital;
  • How to overcome the linguistic barrier;
  • The treatment after the procedure;
  • The quantity and quality of the medications required;
  • The price.

As you can see, the price of the hospital is always researched, but it might be the last point in decision of a patient.

When looking online, sometimes prices are not as transparent for many clinics, as they should be and a clinic may lose a potential patient because of this. Keep in mind that transparency of the pricing can be only beneficial for the clinic. With the pricing available, you will be able to generate higher quality leads that can result in the patients. However, many clinics are concerned that pricing transparency may affect the number of the inquiries received. If you analyze this situation thoroughly, you may have 10 potential leads where you spend time engaging them and they would end up not having a treatment because the price does not meet their budget. One high quality lead is worth more than 10 low-quality leads.

This lead us again to the question - why many of the patient requests are mainly interested in the treatment price although this is not the main criteria in their decision-making process? As we have stated above, patients love to research and compare their options. In this way they will ensure the best treatment for them for the best price. At the same time, when the price of the treatment is not visible on the website, patients would love to understand if the actual cost will meet their budget.

If you want to be chosen, you have to make sure that your website, social media accounts and reviews draw attention. Your services might be the cheapest, but you still don’t have patients? It may sound like you don’t have that right moment that will help you attract clients. People read reviews, look photos and call to talk with the doctors and that is how they decide what clinic is the one.

How PlacidWay helps clinics to reach more patients?

PlacidWay seeks to provide the best support to all the clinics worldwide who want to be seen and chosen. As the industry leader for last 13 years, we are always searching for qualified clinics that are ready to accommodate additional patients at their facility. As our main company goal is to enable the direct communication between patients and clinic, we believe that the transparency is the most important to ensure both side satisfaction.

That is why PlacidWay is offering a free pricing promotion to all of our partner clinics. This way you can gather the attention from most of the patients that are searching for a treatment at your location. We strive to let our potential clients know everything they want and answer their inquiries in a promptly and professional manner. Start your journey toward successful business and let us help you and get you into the world of medical tourism.


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