The power of visualisation: Before & After Images

They say a picture is worth a hundred words and we say that it is true. It is proven that images affect people’s brains more that listening to an hour of a lecture. If you are not using your Before and After images as a part of your advertising strategy, it is time you did it. This method is considered to be the best tool that will persuade your patients to undergo a procedure.

How Can Before and After images Help you?

Putting Before and After images into your practice’s management and advertising, allows your present and future patients to see what your abilities are and what you can do for them. Patients can see those photos and develop realistic expectations. Hence, they can rely on your ability and skills.

When patients see your procedures and services, it will benefit both them and you. They will more likely contact your clinic and chose you as the reliable partner.

Researches show that before and after photos influence patients’ choice, and the lack of photographs may raise doubts in consumers. If you don’t showcase your work online, people may wonder what the reason for that is. Would a photographer hide his/her work? No, of course not.

Once you create the images ready, your next move is to share them with the entire world, expecting that it will attract more customers. You can share your pieces of art on different places where the patients can see them and have a chance to react to them:

  • Galleries on the website – especially of you create Before and After section
  • Portfolios – show patients that are undergoing the same surgeries
  • Blog posts that are addition to the website and sometimes make a good addition to your main portfolio;
  • Social Media, as one of the most important channel of showing your work to the worls. It is inevitable part of the marketing today.

By creating your own Before and After Gallery you are making both an educational and promotional tool for your practice, thus demonstrating your skills and expertise while building trust in your skills.

Don't forget the internal communication as a perfect place to showcase your skills! When the potential patient reaches you out asking for a treatment details, before and after images could be a perfect weapon to help you gain their interest and help them to speed up the decision-making process. When answering to the patient question, whenever it is possible, make sure to send the patient the sample of your work, this simple exercise can make a miracle in your conversion rates!

We can make it happen!

As you were able to see, Before & After Images have a huge effect on the patient since they help them visualize the treatment and create the realistic treatment expectations. It is a common fact that the best way to describe clinic is through its work. Since the patient experience is always on top of our mind, we are showcasing the work of our partners – so we could demonstrate the patients what to expect from that clinic. We help in additional engagement and we make sure that your voice is heard and photos visible. We are proud to invite you to share your peace of art in our Before & After Gallery for higher patient reach and event better engagement.


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