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Therapeutic Relaxation

Package price starting from: $496
Treatment: Medical Spa Treatment, Spa Treatment
Associated Center: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Focus Area: Therapeutic Relaxation, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

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Therapeutic relaxation programmesTherapeutic Relaxation

Learn to appreciate the here and now through inner calm and harmony.


Take some time to give your mind, body and soul a break from the stresses of everyday life – using therapeutic treatments, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers a programme that give guests a feeling of relaxation that penetrates their noervous nervous systems calms the mind, body and soul and even heals the energy field.

The program is carefully developed by their experienced team of therapists, water experts and specialists from their own Medical Health Center. The individual treatments were then meticulously harmonised and optimised to come up with a one-of-a-kind therapeutic relaxation experience that helps you to find your inner balance and to get back in touch with your body, mind and soul.

We have developed an exclusive programme to help you get back to the here and now. Whether it’s for a few hours, a day or several – our therapeutic relaxation programme delivers that deep relaxation you have been dreaming of. In addition, complementary medical treatments from the areas of naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may be recommended and availed according to individual needs.

Services Included

• Introductory consultation addressing your medical history
• Personalised support throughout the programme
• 2 tea breaks per day
• Individual therapeutic bathing programmes
• Concluding consultation with a wellness expert

The package inclusions can be customized depending on the the length of the program you wish to have. 

1-Day Therapeutic Relaxation - 495 CHF (aproximately $496)

• 1 Cuisine Équilibrée lunch
• 1 Pilates or yoga session (50 min.)*
• 1 classic facial (50 min.)
• 1 sequoia ceremony (90 min.)

3-Day Therapeutic Relaxation - 1,080 CHF (aproximately $1,091)

• 1 Pilates or yoga session (50 min.)*
• 1 classic facial (50 min.)
• 1 sequoia ceremony (90 min.)
• 1 aquafit group session (30 min.)
• 1 floating session (10 min.)
• 1 andullation therapy (15 min.)
• 1 Thalgo Aromacéane essential oil treatment (75 min.)

Why Choose Grand Resort Bad Ragaz?

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is offering not only offering a state-of-the-art Therapeutical Relaxation package at an affordable rate but also a provides a perfect sanctuary for you to enjoy your well-deserved medical vacation.


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