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Neck Lift Package by Dr. Sergio Sanchez in Tijuana, Mexico

Package price starting from: $5000
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Neck Lift
Associated Center: Dr. Sergio Sanchez-Bailon
MedSuites Av. P. del Centenario 9580-Piso 25, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, Mexico, Mexico
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Discover Rejuvenation with Neck Lift in Tijuana, Mexico

Neck Lift Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Dr. Sergio Sanchez

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Neck Lift Tijuana Mexico Package by Dr. Sergio SanchezDr. Sergio Sanchez stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of cosmetic surgery, particularly renowned for his expertise in neck lift procedures.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional results and personalized care, Dr. Sanchez has garnered acclaim both locally and internationally. A neck lift, also known as lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure aimed at rejuvenating the appearance of the neck by tightening the underlying muscles and removing excess skin.

Let’s delves into the comprehensive neck lift package offered by Dr. Sergio Sanchez in Tijuana, Mexico, shedding light on its myriad benefits, procedural overview, package inclusions and exclusions, pre-operative tests, and what patients can expect during and after the treatment.

Cost of Neck Lift in Tijuana, Mexico

You can Neck Lift Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Dr. Sergio Sanchez with the price starts at $5,000. Please refer to our price list table below:


Cost in USD

Tijuana, Mexico


United States




Note: price may change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click free quote button below to learn more.

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Advantages of Choosing Neck Lift in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Cost-effectiveness: Tijuana offers competitive pricing for medical procedures, including neck lifts, without compromising on quality. Patients can save significantly compared to undergoing the same procedure in countries like the United States or Canada.

  • World-class Facilities: Dr. Sergio Sanchez operates in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced medical technology, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for patients undergoing neck lift surgery.

  • Experienced Surgeon: With years of experience and a stellar track record in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sanchez brings a wealth of expertise to each procedure, instilling confidence in patients seeking neck lift treatments.

  • Personalized Care: Patients receive individualized attention throughout their journey, from the initial consultation to post-operative care, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment conducive to optimal healing and satisfaction.

  • Convenient Location: Situated in close proximity to the United States border, Tijuana offers easy accessibility for international patients, allowing them to undergo treatment without extensive travel arrangements.

Overview of the Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift procedure typically involves several key steps to achieve the desired outcome. Firstly, the surgeon makes discreet incisions, often hidden behind the ears or under the chin, to access the underlying tissues. Next, excess fat is removed through liposuction, and the neck muscles may be tightened to restore firmness and contour. Finally, any excess skin is trimmed, and the incisions are meticulously closed to minimize scarring. The result is a smoother, more youthful neck profile that complements the overall facial aesthetics.

Neck Lift Package Inclusions

All packages include:

  • Medical expenses,

  • Clinic expenses and doctor fees.

  • Extra: transportation, recovery room, medicine

Neck Lift Package Exclusions

  • Travel Expenses: While assistance is provided for transportation and accommodation arrangements, travel expenses such as flights and visa fees are not included in the package.

  • Additional Medical Services: Any additional medical services or procedures not directly related to the neck lift surgery are excluded from the package and may incur additional costs.

  • Complications Requiring Extended Care: In the rare event of complications necessitating extended hospitalization or medical care beyond the standard post-operative period, additional charges may apply.

  • Cosmetic Enhancements: Optional cosmetic enhancements or complementary procedures, such as Botox or dermal fillers, are not included in the package and can be arranged separately upon request.

  • Personal Expenses: Personal expenses such as meals, shopping, and recreational activities during the stay in Tijuana are not covered by the package and are the responsibility of the patient.

Neck Lift Pre-op Tests

  • Blood Tests: Comprehensive blood tests are conducted to assess the patient's overall health status, including blood count, clotting factors, and biochemical markers.

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG): An ECG is performed to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart and detect any underlying cardiac abnormalities that may pose risks during surgery.

  • Imaging Studies: Imaging studies such as ultrasound or CT scans may be ordered to assess the anatomy of the neck and identify any underlying structural issues.

  • Medical History Review: A thorough review of the patient's medical history, including previous surgeries, allergies, and medications, is conducted to ensure safe anesthesia administration and surgical outcomes.

  • Physical Examination: A comprehensive physical examination is conducted to evaluate the patient's overall health, assess skin elasticity, and identify any specific concerns that may impact the surgical plan or recovery process.

Board Certified Neck Lift Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Sergio Sanchez Bailon Plastic Surgery in Tijuana MexicoDr. Sergio Sanchez is a highly skilled and board-certified cosmetic surgeon with a passion for delivering natural-looking results and enhancing patient confidence. With extensive training and experience in neck lift procedures, Dr. Sanchez employs advanced surgical techniques and personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Patients can trust in Dr. Sanchez's expertise and dedication to achieving beautiful, long-lasting results with the utmost safety and care.

Is Neck Lift Right for You?

  • Healthy Individuals: Neck lift surgery is suitable for healthy individuals who wish to address signs of aging, such as sagging skin or excess fat deposits, in the neck area.

  • Realistic Expectations: Patients should have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure and understand that individual results may vary based on factors such as skin elasticity and facial structure.

  • Non-smokers: Smoking can impair the body's ability to heal properly, so patients are advised to refrain from smoking before and after the surgery to minimize risks and optimize results.

  • Good Candidates for Surgery: Ideal candidates for neck lift surgery are non-smokers in good overall health with specific concerns about the appearance of their neck and realistic expectations for the outcomes of the procedure.

  • Consultation with Dr. Sanchez: A consultation with Dr. Sergio Sanchez is essential to determine candidacy for neck lift surgery and discuss personalized treatment options based on individual needs and goals.

What to Expect During the Neck Lift Surgery?

  • Initial Consultation: The treatment journey begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Sergio Sanchez, during which patients can discuss their aesthetic goals, medical history, and concerns about their neck appearance.

  • Pre-operative Preparation: Prior to the surgery, patients undergo pre-operative tests and evaluations to ensure they are in good health and adequately prepared for the procedure.

  • Surgical Procedure: The neck lift surgery is performed under anesthesia, with Dr. Sanchez making discreet incisions and utilizing advanced techniques to tighten the neck muscles, remove excess fat, and trim sagging skin.

  • Recovery Period: Following the surgery, patients are closely monitored during the initial recovery period, with specific instructions provided for post-operative care, including medication management, wound care, and activity restrictions.

  • Follow-up Appointments: Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor progress, address any concerns, and ensure optimal healing and satisfaction with the results.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a neck lift procedure?

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure aimed at rejuvenating the appearance of the neck by tightening the underlying muscles, removing excess fat, and trimming sagging skin.

Am I a good candidate for a neck lift?

Ideal candidates for neck lift surgery are non-smokers in good overall health with specific concerns about the appearance of their neck and realistic expectations for the outcomes of the procedure.

How long does it take to recover from a neck lift?

The recovery period varies for each patient but typically involves several weeks of rest and gradual return to normal activities. Swelling and bruising may persist for several weeks, gradually subsiding as the tissues heal.

Are there any risks or complications associated with neck lift surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, neck lift surgery carries inherent risks, including infection, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. Dr. Sergio Sanchez takes every precaution to minimize risks and ensure patient safety.

Will I have visible scars after a neck lift?

Dr. Sanchez employs advanced surgical techniques to minimize scarring and strategically places incisions in discreet locations, such as behind the ears or under the chin, to achieve natural-looking results with minimal visible scarring.

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