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Algosaibi Travel
Bahrain Car Park Building, Goverment Avenue Manama, Bahrain.

Contact : Algosaibi Travel  Phone : (973) 17 212333

Your Partner in Leisure Travel Medical Tourism Wellness Vacations


Bahrain Option Travel Health Care Anywhere

Take advantage of the immense global options in medical tourism, leisure travel and wellness vacations specifically designed to suit your needs - this is what Algosaibi Travel takes pride in providing, not only for Bahrain citizens, but also in the Middle East and also expanding each year to cover a wider area.

Over the past sixty years, Algosaibi has consistently shown its commitment and dedication to customers and the travel industry, while also becoming the nation’s pioneers in travel services for Bahrain, both inbound and outbound.

Pampering and setting new standards in all travel services, regardless if it is leisure travel or medical related travel. Our customer’s expectations only got higher because of the continuous improvements that we, at Algosaibi have been striving to encompass, every day.

Bahrain Medical Tourism and Wellness Travel

Now the leading travel agency in Bahrain, Algosaibi Travel is an ambassador of the “Island of Golden Smiles”.

Algosaibi Medical Tourism Bahrain


Experienced specialists and consultants work with each client to encompass their preferences and budget, providing a unique experience via custom-made packages for treatments abroad, tours and leisure travel.

At Algosaibi you have the freedom and confidence to have the trip of a lifetime, complete with customer satisfaction, and excellence in personalized services.

Algosaibi Medical Tourism Bahrain


Given our long-term corporate client relationships in the travel industry, we are able to provide excellent services and negotiate the best deals possible.

Tourism & Business Travel Services Bahrain With a wide customer base, we are constantly in the process of developing innovative products and services from meet-and-assist services to visa and VIP business services.

Algosaibi Medical Tourism Bahrain


  • Meet & Assist Services
    (Individual & Group )
  • Complete Ground Handling
  • Bahrain Visit Visa Processing
  • Chauffeur Driven Limousine
  • Rent A Car
  • Luxury Coaches
  • Day Excursions
  • Hawar Islands
    Overnight Package
  • Golfing Package
  • Group Handling
  • Multi-lingual Guides
  • Conference & Conventions
  • Hospitality desks at Sites
  • Pre and Post tours
  • Press Conferences
  • F1 Packages
  • Incentive Group Packages
  • Desert Camps
  • 24 hours Airport Office


The best prices in the market are with us.

Algosaibi's extensive network of contacts across the world allow a wide range flexibility for our offers, providing a unique travel experience at the best rates possible.

For medical tourism, choose from the most advanced treatment centers worldwide with many options to customize and excellence in catering to your health needs abroad.


  • Worldwide Hotel Booking
  • Business Travel
  • Vacation Planning
  • Umra Packages
  • Luxury Cruise Packages
  • Health Packages
  • Global Limousine Services
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • Global Sports Bookings
  • Budget Holidays
  • Luxury Holidays
  • Aircraft Charters


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