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Access Plus
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With health care costs on the rise and wait times increasing people are finding it more difficult than ever to find convenient, dependable, and affordable health care services. Access Plus' private and personal care coordination teams are ready to guide you to the right care, whether it is with an Access Plus doctor or face-to-face provider.

Healthcare trends in the Unites States

  • Average wait time in the emergency room is over 4 hours
  • There is an estimate 3 week wait to get a doctor's appointment
  • Over 50% of US hospitals use some form of telemedicine
  • 72% of doctor visits are information and/or basic care and equally handled over the phone
  • 73% of emergency room visits are information and/or basic care and equally handled over the phone

Access Plus Basic connects patients and providers, for the ultimate in convenience, privacy, and quality care. Access Plus's proven methodology reaches and engages patients to provide them with the most appropriate, convenient, and affordable health care services. Patients quickly connect with medical and health care resources via telephone or online, where we utilize a unique approach to educate patients about health options, create a comprehensive profile of their needs, match them to customized solutions, engage them in making empowered health care decisions, and support their ongoing journey to optimum health and well-being. 

Services offered

  • Care coordination - licensed nurses are available by phone 24/7 to guide you, schedule appointments, review treatment plans, follow up and provide continuing support
  • Doctor consultations - consult with US Board-Certified doctors within one hour, for new symptoms or chronic conditions from the convenience of home or work
  • Get the care you need - Access Plus doctors are able to provide treatment plans, which may include necessary prescriptions, lab tests or imaging studies

Why choose us?

Access Plus is a safe, convenient and affordable way to get quality healthcare for you and your family. With a supportive team of nurses, care continues beyond the doctor consult, ensuring that you get the complete care you need.


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