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Best Dentist Dr. Nevsin Sener Price List for Dental Work in Izmir Turkey

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No. 23/2 35220 Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey
Price Range: $35 - 6916
Specialty: Dentistry

About Dr. Nevsin Sener Dental Treatment Clinic

Located in the heart of Izmir, our clinic offers you the modern and satisfying treatment procedures in the limited period of time you have. Dr. Nevsin Sener is a periodontology and implantology specialist educated in Ege University, Turkey and Radboud University of Nijmegen, Netherlands. Dr. Sener has a vast experience in foreign patient treatment and she has been working in a boutique manner so all the treatments will be performed by herself. After a thorough radiologic and clinical examination you will receive your exact treatment plan and quotation. Our fluent english speaking staff will help you with any problems you may have. Dr. Nevsin Sener Services in Turkey Here at Dr. Nevsin Sener Dental Treatment Clinic we specialize in dental care and cosmetics, especially periodontology and implantology. Our clinic offers you a wide range of high-quality dental treatments in a peaceful atmosphere right in the heart of Izmir, the beautiful city of Turkey. Cosmeti

Dr. Nevsin Sener Dental Treatment Clinic Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Veneers  (per tooth) Dental Veneers  (per tooth) $233
Teeth Whitening Between $ 342 - $ 548 $342
Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning $137
Sinus Lifting Between $ 548 - $ 1,100 $548
Root Canal Starting from $ 164 to $ 233 $164
Dental Implants Single Dental Implant from $ 678 to $ 820 $678
Dental Fillings Starting from $ 82 to $ 124 $82
Dentures Dentures $1030
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Between $ 55 and $ 205 $55
Dental Crowns Metal Based Porcelain Crowns $205
Dental Crowns Zirconium Crowns $274
Dental Bonding Dental Bonding $137
Dental Bridges 3 Member Dental Bridges $616
Panoramic X Ray Starting from $ 35 $35
Gingivectomy Price for each $274
All on 4 Dental Implants Single jaw 4 implant supported full 14 tooth removable denture with teleskopic anchor   $5117
All on 4 Dental Implants Single jaw 4 implant supported full 14 tooth removable denture with o-ring connective system $4148
All on 4 Dental Implants All on 4 Dental Implant System $6916
Dental Veneers 12 Quality Veneers $3852
Dental Implants Dental Implants $538
Dental Implants Implant supported porcelain crown $269
Dental Crowns Zirconium/ Full porcelain crown $323
Cosmetic Dentistry Porcelain laminate $377
Cosmetic Dentistry Periodontal Treatment (full-mouth) $323
Dental Fillings Esthetic filling $86
Root Canal Root canal treatment from 107$-215$ $107
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening (office+home) $269
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Wisdom tooth extraction (surgical) $161
Root Canal Root surface coverage (per tooth)(Periodontal plastic surgery) $215

Dr. Nevsin Sener Dental Treatment Clinic Reviews

  • Asya

    I recommend without hesitation a doctor you can trust, the most excellent periodontologist I know, beautiful energy, smiling face, and doing his job with utmost care
    My secret is forbidden

    Google Feb 03 2021


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