German International Clinic

German International Clinic

Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Siebenhuener Vilbeler Landstrasse 45b

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German International Clinic

Holistic Treatment to Chronic Diseases at German International Clinic, Frankfurt, Germany Dr. Siebenhuener, Director of the German International Clinic, warmly welcomes patients to his private practice in the heart of the expanded medicine clinic Frankfurt. He hopes that the experienced and friendly team will help each and every patient to return to their health. German International Clinic offers a pleasant, friendly and comfortable atmosphere and a finely tuned color scheme which helpes the patients recover. With optimal technical equipment Dr. Siebenhuener has a competent medical team at his side for his patients. These latest technologies in combination with the safe and true holistic therapies speak for the success of the medical center of advanced medicine. The medical team uses many new methods, such as the application of autologous growth factors, derived from your own blood factors. Using this therapy, degenerative body structures, such as Carti Read More

German International Clinic Pricings:

Urology Procedure Details Price in USD
Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes per session - 10 sessions recommended $1950
Stem Cell Treatment for Autism Stem Cell Treatment for Autism $18600
Stem Cell Treatment for ALS Stem Cell Treatment for ALS $18700
Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy $18700
Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatments includes: 2 days treatment IV stem cell infusion $8700
Stem Cell Therapy Liver Cirrhosis $18571
Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer $1761
Stem Cell Therapy Stem Cell Therapy $18571
Radiation Photodynamic therapy (PDT)? $3695
Stem Cell Therapy for Joints Stem Cell Therapy for Torn ACL $18393
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