We Smile

We Smile

Guatemala City, Guatemala

10 calle 6-48 zona 9, edificio Zona Medica, Sexto nivel Clinica 624 Guatemala City

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We Smile

New Dimension Dentistry at We Smile Guatemala City, Guatemala We Smile dental clinic located in Guatemala City introduces a pleasant and unique environment in the world of dentistry. A group of professional dental caregivers forms We Smile for everyone who finds visiting the dentist a boring thing to do! The dental clinic was formed with the concept of integrated dental health by dentists with excellent academic careers and professional experience. All dental procedures at the clinic are done under ultimate care and attention. With advanced technology to diagnose problems properly and prescribe the right treatment, the dental team offers comfortable and safe facilities. We Smile is open to patients with every dental problems, companies and insurance providers. Treatments and Procedures: Periodontics (Gum treatment) Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental tissues Oral health Dental Aesthetics Teeth and dental tissue functionality Orthodontics Den Read More

We Smile Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Crowns Searching for Dental Procedures on your teeth that´s natural? Broken tooth that needs Repair? Smile design? Full Zirconia Crowns only $550
Deep Cleaning Prevent tooth decay and Gum Desease. $75
Teeth Whitening Office Whitening, 1 hour laser actived whitening. $230
Teeth Whitening You always wanted that glow in your teeth and you don´t have time?! Come and try our new whitening in a lounge environment, for only 15 minute a session. $50
Smile Makeover Get the Smile you always wanted!! Smile Makeover includes Six dental Ceramic Venners + Dental Whitening laser teraphy + deep teeth cleaning. $2599
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