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Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic Treatment Cost in Seoul South Korea

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3, Seocho-daero 77-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul Seoul Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
Price Range: $1500 - 5000
Specialty: Eye/Lasik Care

About Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic

Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic offers eye care services based on ID deep data. We propose a comprehensive solution based on AI big data to provide customized surgery for patients with 100% suitability for your eyes, secure, stable target vision after surgery, and maintain vision, as well as proactively respond to and treat dry eyes and side effects. A total of 81 comprehensive eye tests are performed using university hospital-level equipment to secure ID deep data for each patient and thoroughly check and determine the condition of the eyes. Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic treats patients with similar conditions by screening surgeries with AI-based big data and determining the best procedure for the patient's needs. We predict xerophthalmia and side effects in order to respond to and treat them in advance, resulting in the best surgical outcomes and long-term safety. This is possible because Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic is a medical facility equipped with a cutting-edge deep lear

Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic Pricings:

Eye/Lasik Care Procedure Details Price in USD
Lasek $1200
LASIK Surgery $1700
Cataract Surgery Cost for Lala Lens For other lenses, please send us an inquiry. $3500
Presbyopia Cost for Lala Lens For other lenses, please send us an inquiry. $3500

Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic Reviews

  • Irina K

    All medical information about the leading hospitals of South Korea, India, Thailand, Turkey, Bulgaria, etc.

    Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic Aug 03 2022
  • M. K

    Got very nice check up discount. thanks.. Next year via cloud hospital coming for bariatric surgery.

    Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic Nov 04 2022
  • Shirley M F

    Easy to connect doctor from busy multispecialty hospitals. This company have huge network with famous doctors.

    Gangnam ID Ophthalmic Clinic Oct 19 2022


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