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Ha Noi, Vietnam

42 Cua Dong St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Ha Noi

Navii Dental Care Dentistry Videos in Ha Noi Vietnam

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Navii Dental Care

Welcome to Navii Dental Care- Biggest Dental Center in Ha Noi, Vietnam Navii Dental Care proudly announces itself as the biggest dental center in Ha Noi, Vietnam. Their professional team has more than twenty years of experience, which has earned the trust of numerous patients. Being a reliable and dependable dental clinic, Navii Dental Care has partnered with several big and renowned insurance companies. In addition, they provide top-class dental procedures with the most modern facilities. The dental center also ensures best of class oral care and hygine. On top of that, they provide affordable care, which also attracts numerous patients from different parts of the world. Take a look at the dental care services that you will find here ar Navii Dental Care. Treatments and Procedures: Root Canal Fillings Tooth Extraction Cleaning and Polishing Anti Grinding Mouth Guard Periodontal Surgery Abscess Treatment All on 4 Dentures Veneers Braces, etc. Read More
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