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The procedure of IVF has immensely developed over the past two decades. Advancement in this treatment procedure has open new doors of hope for countless infertile couples. Infertile couples can not only become biological parents through IVF treatment, but fertile people can also preserve their fertile eggs or embryos for future use. Previously under the older slow freeze technology, the embryo was frozen and thawed as they are considered to be less delicate than eggs. With the recent introduction of vitrification (flash freezing), egg freezing has become one prominent option for IVF Consultants to store the fertile eggs for women who want to delay their pregnancy. Egg donors also can donate their eggs and those can be stored in the same fashion to be used as per future requirement.

Facts of Egg Freezing

Oocyte cryopreservation has become one of the very popular processes where the oocytes or the women's eggs are extracted and then cryopreserved for use at a later date. Women are these days more conscious and educated about their fertility and choose egg freezing to secure their fertile eggs for a future use.

Oocyte Cryopreservation for Young Women

Young age women are choosing egg freezing for multiple reasons. Apart from storing their fertile eggs for a later use due to professional commitments in life, women choose to freeze their eggs when they undergo cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation are important parts of cancer treatment. These procedures can have negative consequences on the fertility of the woman. There is a high probability of ovarian damages due to such treatment procedures.

Hence, women choose to preserve their eggs before proceeding towards such medical actions. Apart from oncology patients, women who have histories of early menopause in the family also choose to preserve their eggs. Some women may have certain chromosomal abnormalities that can cause early ovarian failure in them. Often they suffer from genetic mutations that require ovaries removal.  Women serving in the military also choose a fertility program to freeze their eggs before deployment.

There was a time when women used to freeze their eggs due to professional goals mostly. This includes women who had plans to have kids at a later point in time in their life. However, more women are today choosing egg preservation as they do not get a suitable partner yet to share their lives with. They secure their fertile eggs by storing them with fertility programs and use them in future as they find someone to commit to the entire life.

Risks of chromosomal abnormalities increase as women cross the age of 35. Hence, egg freezing is a good alternative for them in their young ages if they are not yet ready to have children.

Facts about Egg Freezing

  • The number of women going for egg freezing is increasing day by day. In the last decade, almost 12% of women in the western world have cryopreserved their eggs for various reasons.
  • In the U.S.A rate of childbirth from frozen eggs has increased by % in the last one decade.
  • There is no guaranteed pregnancy in egg freezing.
  • Apart from the cost of egg retrieval, women undergoing egg freezing have to bear monthly cost for the storage of their eggs as well

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