Got Twins in First IVF Treatment

Dr. Demian Glujovsky at CEGYR Viamonte 1432, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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"I would like to leave a review on our recent trip to Fertility Argentina with Dr. Demian Glujovsky. Making the decision to go through with IVF after the loss of our stillborn son was very difficult. I really wanted to decrease the amount of stress there seemed to be involved with fertility treatment.

Our decision to go to Argentina involved many things-the cost was much more feasible than what we had been quoted in the US. If the procedure didn't work the first time, then we would be able to afford to do it again-even including airfare/lodging. Also, being "away", or on a vacation so to speak would keep us from being focused on the procedure 24 hrs/day.

I must say our trip to Argentina was much better than we could have expected. Buenos Aires and the surrounding area's we visited were wonderful. Most people spoke English and were very helpful. And those who didn't speak it still attempted to be of assistance. It was also very easy to get around, mostly by walking but the bus system was good. (I must say the wine was great!!) Dr. Glujovsky was kind and helpful-my husband and I were able to proceed with all of the tests etc in the US and the Dr. always responded to my emails quickly. I know first-hand that making the decision to go through with IVF is difficult and appears complicated. It's really not- I would urge anyone considering IVF to contact Fertility Argentina. I can't say enough about the service, Dr Glujovsky and the whole trip. We definitely would have gone back again. However, we did get pregnant this first time and not only that, upon our second ultrasound discovered that we are expecting twins!

Please feel free to contact me via my email above, I will be happy to provide you with any information I can. Remember, this trip could change your life."

Susan Ghiroli from USA.

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