Testimonial of a Satisfied Women After Her FaceLift

Center Name: Surgical Bliss

Location: P O Box 881 , Milnerton 7435 Western Cape
Cape Town, South Africa 7441
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Working periodically in the UK and living in Johannesburg, one may wonder why I c hose Surgical Bliss, a Cape Town based company, to help me achieve a much wished for facelift.  Apart from wanting privacy, I needed someone to ‘hold my hand’ and Denise was just the person to do that.

My first area of concern was affordability.   As I lived in Johannesburg, accommodation and tourism were not a huge priority for me.  Denise took all this into account and structured a package which was very good and made it possible for me to justify traveling to Cape Town. 

Everything was well organized -   airport transfers, doctor appointments, nursing care and even lifts to the shops!    It was really reassuring to know Denise was ‘on tap’ and so flexible and accommodating to my needs.

Selecting a surgeon is probably the hardest and most important part of going through something as life-changing as plastic surgery.  This was another reason I wanted to involve someone who was ‘in the know’ and Denise really stepped up to the job with her recommendation.  I am very pleased with the results. 

I highly recommend using Surgical Bliss to anyone wanting a stress-free experience and can only thank Denise for making everything run so smoothly.


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