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Location: Mlinovi 159 a 10 000
Zagreb, Croatia
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Dr Toncic did a fantastic job and I couldnt be happier with the results
Hi there,

I wanted to let you know how I got on in Croatia.

I went out to Croatia on the 29th November 2003 where I was met at the airport by the cab driver Boris. Boris spoke quite good english and he chatted to me about Dr Toncic and how good he was. Boris had had surgery done by Dr Toncic and was very happy. Boris drove straight to Nurse Vesnas house where I met the family. I had my own very comfortable room and bathroom for the duration of my stay. I was introduced to the whole family who were all really wonderful. Dr Toncic and Dinko visited me that eveining for my consultation and they explained the procedure. I stayed the night with the family and the next morning I was taken for blood tests and my Intern exam before going to Dr Toncic´s offices. Thankfully everything was ok with my tests despite my blood pressure and kidney problems and Dr Toncic explained that he would be doing the surgery as planned. I was quickly prepared and before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery room. The procedure went well and Dr Toncic and his team did a fantastic job. He explained that he had not used a local anasthetic on me so the drugs would not be processed by my kidneys through my bloodstream. This was great for me as I didn´t wake up sick like most people and in fact

I was so hungry they let me eat as soon as possible. I stayed the night at the suregry with nurse Zlata who took really good care of me. Every time I opened my eyes she was there for me making sure I had everything I needed. Next morning Dr Toncic checked me over and I went back to Vesnas home with her when she finished work after lunch. She took such great care of me even when driving me home so I did not get too jolted. I stayed with the family for another 8 days while I recovered. The care and attention I received from all the family was so good and I really did feel like part of the family. I have never met such wonderful caring people, even the children could not do enough for me. They always made sure that there was someone with me and if that was not possible then another member of the family was always around to keep an eye on me. I recovered quickly with their care and attention and was soon able to start getting out and about with them. They took great care to make sure I saw everything I wanted in Zagreb and took me around the town. On my last day I had my final consultation with Dr Toncic who said everything was looking really good and I had recovered quickly. I travelled home early the next morning, Wednesday 10th December 2003 with details for my doctor on what had been done etc. I had my stitches out on Friday 12th and have continued to be really careful and I am healing well.

I really enjoyed my stay in Zagreb and find that I really miss everyone now that I am home, they did so much for me and took such good care of me that it is hard to express just how grateful I am. Dr Toncic did a fantastic job and I couldnt be happier with the results, all the medical staff were fantastic and I was very impressed with the professionalism and care.

Staying with Vesna and her family was wonderful and I would definitely go back to see them again. I have been very impressed with my whole experience in Croatia and would not hesitate to recommend surgery with Dr Toncic to anyone thinking of going over there.

This was the best Christmas present I have ever had and the team over there made it really special.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want me to speak to anyone about my experience, I would be happy to recommend Dr Toncic and his team and would definately recommend staying with Vesna and her wonderful family.

Breast enlargement after
Since returning I have ordered and received the scar healing treatment RegimA and would also recommend this to anyone healing after surgery. My scars were begining to tighten and obviously my skin had been stretched due to my surgery, so I was a little sore. I have used the cream for 3 days now and already I can see a great improvement in my scars and in my skin in general. The cream is an absolute miracle, it really helps.

Thanks for everything, I'm so glad that I spoke to you and found such a wonderful cosmetic surgeon.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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