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Plastic Surgery in SIngapore

Non-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery in SIngapore

Patient Testimonial

I went through a double eyelid surgery last November. I’ve always been one who’s more on the “nay to plastic” side so it took me quite some time before deciding to get my eyelids done which is honestly possibly one of the best decisions ever.

 What I did?

I did parallel double eyelid surgery using the non-incisional technique also known as the suture method. Basically, it’s a non-incisional method that requires NO cutting but just stitching. Basically, it compresses an indentation into place and the whole surgery takes only 20 minutes under local anesthesia. I chose to stitch instead of cut because of various reasons. Firstly, it’s scarless and full recovery takes only about 2 weeks which is really short compared to the incisional method. Secondly, it’s reversible. So if I didn’t like my eyelids after the 1st surgery, I can have a revision procedure to perfect/adjust it which you can’t do for the incisional method. A lot of people told me that suture method doesn’t last as long as cutting but I was assured by my doctor that the new suture method lasts longer than the traditional method or could possibly last permanently if I take care of it.

Why did I do it?

I’ve always wanted double eyelids since young but it never hit me to undergo an eyelid surgery until last year. The eyes to me, is one of the most important features on the face and double eyelids help to brighten up your overall look. So after much consideration, I told myself OKAY LET’S JUST GET MY EYELIDS DONE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Scarless Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore, Patient Testimonial

Where did I do it and how much it cost?

I did it in Singapore at Dr. Shenthilkumar Naidu Clinic. The main reason why I chose Singapore over Korea/Taiwan was because if anything went wrong, I could bring it straight up to my doctor conveniently and immediately. Secondly, I trust Singapore doctors and Singapore’s surgical system. If I’m going through a surgery, I need to know I’m in good hands and that the surgical equipments are spanking clean. Most people have this misconception that Singapore has no good plastic surgeons and all the good ones are in Korea but that’s not true! No doubt, Korea has more plastic surgeons but there are a handful of good ones in Singapore. You just have to research and look!

And that leads me to my second point, an established clinic and an experienced doctor. My surgeon, Dr Shens has a long list of accolades and achievements in the field of plastic surgery. He specializes in double eyelid surgery and has operated on more than 500 patients. Dr Shens trained at Hanyang University Hospital in South Korea and acquired many surgical techniques unique to Korean plastic surgery. Centre for Cosmetic works with many big names like Utt and Jamie Chua who look so amazing at their age and they are really professional and experienced so I didn’t hesitate too much. They also specialize in other concerns like hair-loss, breast augmentation etc etc. The clinic is conveniently located in Orchard so it’s very centralized! If you’re worried about post-surgery swollen eyes, don’t worry! It doesn’t swell much on the day itself. I won’t even consider it much of a surgery since it’s only 20 minutes and doesn’t even have open wounds.

Cost of surgery : $2988+ inclusive of GST
I say that’s a good price considering I got to do it in my comfort zone.

Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Was it painful and how long was the recovery phase?

The local anesthesia jabs were rather painful but tolerable. It was just that few seconds of discomfort anyways then you won’t be able to feel a thing anymore. The surgery itself was not painful AT ALL. I  was awake but I couldn’t feel a thing. Post surgery wasn’t painful as well, just a bit uncomfortable because of the swelling and tightness. Swelling and tightness will ease out within a week. I have to warn you first that the day you do your surgery, your eyes won’t be very swollen. It only comes on the next day and it might look a bit nasty so be prepared to stay home for at least 3-5 days.

Is non-incisional method suitable for everyone?

Generally, it’s more suitable for people below 26 years old because there isn’t a lot of fats on your eyelid yet. People with fatty eyelid are encouraged to go for incisional method so you can extract the fats out at the same time. Of course, if you’re past that age but don’t have fatty lids then non-incisional method is okay for you too. It’s better to have a consultation with the doctor first.

It’s been almost 3 months since my surgery and all is well! It’s the best feeling to wake up looking prettier without any make up and double eyelids certainly help to cut down on my eye make up by A LOT! I hardly use eyeliner anymore. Maybe just once a week when I attend events or go out at night? I really really love it and wish I did it earlier.

Sophia, Philippines

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