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Regencord Terapia Celular in Bogota, Colombia Reviews from Real Patients

Cra. 18 #12-75, Megacentro Pinares, Torre 2, Consultorio 304 - 305. Pereira, Risaralda.
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About Regencord Terapia Celular

Regencord Terapia Celular in Bogota, Colombia offers advanced regenerative medicine treatments backed by years of experience and scientific evidence.

Stem Cell Therapy Reviews in Bogota, Colombia at Regencord Terapia Celular

  • Maria O V

    My diagnosis was cartilage wear on both knees. The specialist recommended operating immediately since there was a risk of losing mobility and having to rely on a wheelchair to move around. After having several positive experiences, my family in Pereira, recommended stem cells to me. In 2019, I made the correct decision to have stem cell treatment after having analyzed the situation with my husband and children. I feel very satisfied now. The pain has disappeared and I can go up and down stairs (I couldn't do so before). My life changed notably for the better. I can go out again without the need to have support and can walk normally.

    Regencord Terapia Celular Apr 01 2023
  • Amparo I

    In 2018 I was hospitalized due to diarrhea, vomiting, and digestive bleeding. I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. The diagnosis was ulcerative colitis. I improved slightly but continued to have a loss of appetite (I could not hold down any food). After having a clear understanding of the benefits that stem cells could provide, I made the decision to start treatment. After a few days, I began to feel better. I can say that thank you to stem cells, my life is once again back to normal.

    Regencord Terapia Celular Mar 22 2023

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