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Do you want to perform surgery is not possible in your country or region?

Is medical care is costly in the country which makes thinking about it impossible?

Do you have the opportunity to choose a health service providers a high degree of training and experience in your area can trust them and rely on them in critical medical situations?


If you answer one of these questions without you in the right place.


Hello in your Plcidway

Welcome to Plcidway , one of the international companies, health tourism and wellness tourism.  We are in the company Plcidway  combine affordable health care and travel options for the purpose of hospitalization to international destinations .

Including care? Our focus on connecting patients with various medical service providers worldwide.

We, in Plcidway , do our best to offer you the best resources and information pertaining to medical service providers who are in many international destinations to provide you security and effective choices and acceptable in terms of cost with respect to health care .   


Who is Plcidway ?

We, in Plcidway , we believe that personal health care is only a set of choices. We are committed to providing those choices for you . If you're looking for a surgery abroad, or alternative medicine, or for one of the programs or health, hospitalization or any elective surgery places, we dedicate our efforts to provide you with all deliberate data well on health care institutions, physicians and surgeons beginning from Asia and the Middle East to Latin America and European countries.


We mix in Plcidway , between what is enjoyed by the world of professional experience and expertise on the diversity of their backgrounds in technical areas, travel and hospitality, and the areas of health care in order to provide the best options that meet the specific needs of medical tourism .


The Plcidway   is a US-based company and situated in Denver, Colorado. We offer you a healthy and hospital full of relaxation and tranquility in the world's most sites that received an overwhelming response experience.   


Communication between you and the medical service providers qualified abroad

You can access, via Plcidway , easily and in the case to more doctors, surgeons and medical institutions known and respected in the world. How can it? What follows includes a profile of this process in  Plcidway :

  • The customer submits the form "Request for Information" which shows the state of his health, and options for unwanted treatment, and the state chosen and the doctor or facility favorite in any region of the world .
  • The company's success carefully between the client requirements and between medical service providers based on the client's needs .
  • The Company manages this process for the entire client from start to finish for free.  

Not only offer limited medical holidays around the world on the best cosmetic surgery, and orthopedic surgery, and cardiac care, obesity and dental surgeries, but it includes the ultimate holiday destination .


Surgeries and treatments Plcidway

You will be able, through Plcidway , to get access to a single point and the best among health service providers and hospitalization in the world. You have the option!   


         Is looking for :

  • Surgical procedures such as bone or spine surgery, or cardiac care or treatment of cancer or weight-loss surgery
  • Cosmetic procedures including cosmetic surgery, and LASIK eye surgery and dental
  • Specialized procedures include the treatment of fertility problems, and treatment of chronic diseases, and stem cells and rehabilitation programs
  • Programs hospitalization including medical spas, and programs to get rid of body toxins, and programs to fight aging and alternative medicine


Where are you going?

You can go anywhere you want to visit. Plcidway has established relationships with the best medical service providers and dental in almost all continents (except Antarctica or Antarctica). Taking into account the existence of service providers in more than 24 countries around the world, the Plcidway gives you the opportunity to reach a leader in the field of medical and dental care places which :

  • Americas-North and South America
  • Asia (from Thailand to India, South Korea and China)
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Africa and the Middle East


Why Plcidway ?

The integration of the travel is the future of health care and medical care for millions. Whether you're looking for to reduce waiting time, or for surgery or specialized procedures, or low-cost health care solutions or alternative is not available in the region Medicine or region you live in, the medical tourism is the best option in light of today's global economy.

The Plcidway has a long experience in the field as they continue to grow and establish links with the best doctors, surgeons and medical institutions in various parts of the earth. We promise one of the best sources of comprehensive services on the internet.

Because of the good relations we enjoy with international service providers, we have the ability to provide offers medical tourism offering you the best of both worlds, hasten to seize the opportunity! Discover the skills and expertise of a best-in your garden or in amazing places. Do not hesitate to do medical care or dental care just because they are not available in your city or region. Do not avoid you make surgeons fear of not being able to afford the cost. We are here to extend a helping hand . Our mission and our duty is to grant the customer the ability to access to high-quality medical care affordable regardless of where they presented him to the client .     

Telephoned or contact us on any questions. We will do our best to answer questions and offer better alternatives. In the end, for every right to choose what to medical care for them. Visit our website Www.PlacidWay.com  - and we will help to ease the tension and reconcile your needs with what is better abroad.   

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