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¿ Need Surgery and has no access to your country or region?

Does the Medical Service in your country is so expensive that not even considered as an option?

¿ Access to a variety of Experienced Medical Centers in the area in which you may need treatment for a critical condition, it is almost impossible in your country ?

If you answered YES to any of these questions is in the right place.

Welcome to PlacidWay , an International Company Focused on Medical Tourism and Health Care. We combine Accessible Medical Services with Travel Options Exotic Locations Worldwide .

Connect Patients with Medical Centers Worldwide . In PlacidWay we strive to offer the best sources of information on medical suppliers , who are in Different International Destinations, which will help you have safe and reliable options, and affordable when it comes to health care.

In PlacidWay , we believe the Care About Your Health Options . We are dedicated to offer these options. Whether you are looking to have surgery abroad, alternative medicine, programs, health care, retirement or chosen by you procedures, all our efforts are focused on offering reliable information on medical facilities, doctors and surgeons from Asia to the Middle East , Latin America and several European cities.

In PlacidWay , mix the Experience and Skills for International Professionals with Various specialties including Technology, Tourism and Hospitality; in the medical field, we offer the best options for health care when you choose to do on the outside. PlacidWay is an American company based in Denver Colorado. We offer experience, quiet as possible when seeking care for your state of health in the most exotic locations around the world.

Connecting you with Quality Medical Centers Abroad.

A travez of PlacidWay, you can have easy access and immediately with the most renowned and respected Doctors, Surgeons and Clinics.

PlacidWay Process includes:

You send us your request about your condition, treatment desired, the options you are considering, country of your choice and a specialist of your choice or the name of the medical center of choice in the world. We carefully study your needs with medical providers based on your requirements. In addition we handle the entire process from beginning to end; this process is totally FREE for you.

• The Medical Tourism around the world not only offers the best in cosmetic surgery, orthopedic, cardiac therapies, obesity or dental treatments, but also excellent destination for vacationing.

PlacidWay Procedures and Treatments

In PlacidWay, will have an access point to the best of holistic medicine and medical centers YOUR choice.

If you are looking for:

Surgery Orthopedic, Back, Heart, Cancer Treatment, Weight Loss Surgery.

Cosmetic Treatments such as: Plastic Surgery, Eye and Laser Surgery and Dental.

Special Procedures as: Fertility Treatments, Chronic Disease, Stem Cells and Rehabilitation Programs.

Keep Fit Programs , including Medical Spas, Detoxification Programs, Software Rejuvenation and Anti Age and Alternative Medicine.

You can go almost anywhere you want . PlacidWay has developed relationships with the best medical centers in almost every continent (except Antarctica). With suppliers in more than two dozen countries around the world, PlacidWay offers you access to destinations that are leaders in health care and dental care and these include:

  • Americas - North and South America
  • Asia (from Thailand to India, South Korea and China)
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Africa and the Middle East

Integrating Tourism and Health Care is the future of millions of people. No matter if you searched for a short or long time, specialized procedures or surgeries, affordable solutions for health and alternative medicine they may not be available in your location or region, the Medical Tourism is a Viable Option in the current global economy .

PlacidWay has the necessary experience in this field and continues to grow and develop new contacts with the best physicians, surgeons and medical centers around the world. We are one of the best options in the world of internet.

Because of our relationships developed with international health providers , we can offer medical tourism packages that offer the best of both worlds, so take advantage of this !! Experience the experience and skills to the best of the best, in your backyard or at an exotic destination of your choice.

Be sure to attend medical or dental needs because they do not have access to them in your town or region. Do not avoid a surgical procedure for fear that you can not afford it. This is where we can help. It is our job and our mission to give access to medical treatment affordable, quality, no matter where you are. Call or contact us with your questions or concerns . We will do our best to answer and provide you with the best options. After all, each of us has the right to make our own decisions about medical care is concerned.

Visit , we can help relieve stress and find the treatment that fits your needs with the best in Health Worldwide.


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