Bangkok Hospital receives the European Aero Medical Institute

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Bangkok Hospital receives the European Aero Medical Institute 

One of the greatest concerns that patients seeking treatment away from their home countries have, is the standard of service in non-Western hospitals. Bangkok Hospital recently achieved EURAMI Accreditation, which assures patients of Air medical transportation standards are equal to those in Europe and around the globe.

As part of its ongoing strategy to implement and operate under international standards the Bangkok Hospital Aviation Medicine Department applied for the prestigious EURAMI accreditation in early 2008.

The EURAMI (European Aero-Medial Institute) International Accreditation & Standardization stand for excellent service towards the Patient Air Medical Transportation, which include a high level of safety and quality in structures, processes and outcomes in medical aspects of fixed and rotary wings.

EURAMI is recognized as the top accreditation body in Europe & USA of Air medical evacuation, their accreditation certificate is a mark of trust and reliability for patients.

The actual accreditation survey was processed by Eurami Auditor Dr. Michael Braida in early October 2008, after about 8 months of massive preparations of; establishing Standard Operating Procedures, updated mission documentation, specialized Air Medical Transport Equipment as well as fully complying with all necessary education and training courses in 32 mandatory fields to ensure that quality and safety standards are maintained at all times.

On 11th November 2008, EURAMI officially awarded BMC Aviation Medicine Department with the Accreditation in "Air Medical Special Care" for both, fixed and rotating-wings aircrafts - the Bangkok Helicopter Emergency Medical Services ("HEMS"). The BMC Aviation Medicine Department is the first ever to receive the EURAMI accreditation in Asia and Asia Pacific with an outstanding rate of 98%. The accreditation also included the BMC Sky ICU helicopter: the first and currently only helicopter with an emergency and medical service provision license in Thailand.

Bangkok Hospital Medical Center views the accreditation achievement as a milestone in the Air Medical Service integrated with the Hospital existing Accreditation such as JCI, as well as a step towards creating a perception of Thailand as the international center for medical excellence that it is. The hospital anticipates that the accreditation will be a positive step for the entire country's facilities.

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by: Bangkok Hospital Medical Center

2008-12-01 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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