Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Reading about a medical treatment does not make one an expert or we could all be healers.  There are many years of experience and learning that go into mastering a particular healing modality.  This is especially true of the ancient practice of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is a healing practice that has existed in India for thousands of years.  It is a practice that not only seeks to balance the body but also includes balancing the mind and spirit as well.  This is done through diet, herbs, and medication practices.  Exercise techniques, such as the form of Asanas, a type of yoga exercise, connect the three areas that need to be in balance.


Unless you live in India or some other part of the world that has an Ayurvedic clinic, getting this specialized type of healing is impossible.  That is until now.  With the growing trend of medical tourism, the ability to get treatments has become not only possible, but it is very affordable.


Ayurveda Canarias Health Center in Spain offers Ayurvedic treatments that take care of both goals.  First, the Ayurvedic doctors’ can treat many kinds of chronic and acute disorders.  They spend the time to assess each patient individually.  They decide what specific treatments are needed to bring the patient back into harmony with themselves and their environment.  


Tamarindo Club Ayurvedic Spa is a luxury resort in the subtropical paradise of Fuerteventura.  Located next to the natural park “The dunes of Corralejo”.  No matter where you are in the spa you can enjoy breath taking views of Mother Nature.  To give the full experience of Indian Ayurveda, the resort was built in a style inspired by Indian architecture.  It boasts terraced lawns and pools with rich interiors that take you back to an era of Indian Emperors and Princes.


In addition to beautiful rooms and traditional Ayurvedic treatment, Canarias Health Center offer specific packages geared toward healing the whole body.  They are inspired by the rich knowledge of Ayurveda and have been painstakingly created using ancient philosophies.  Programs such as “From Effectiveness to Greatness” designed for executives to shift their thinking from ‘working hard’ to ‘working smart’.  Using Ayurvedic techniques, executives can experience unshakable calm and inner clarity in the face of any business challenge or crisis.


The resort offers rejuvenation, grace and beauty packages that are designed to survive the 21st century while retraining their inner and outer self.  The spa provides the ideal atmosphere and complete privacy in which you can learn how to gain control and balance in your life, which are the basic ingredients to healthy living.


To create a positive chance, each Ayurvedic treatment is customized based on individual’s specific needs.  The program emphasizes reducing and managing stress while creating life synergies through a balanced approach.  The physical fitness program is designed to increase the integration of mind and body.  In addition the center teaches yoga techniques, breathing exercises and has a daily routine to help heal their patients.  The chefs are well versed in the different foods and ingredients that are needed for specific patients to help them rebalance and renew themselves.


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