Stop paying killer prices for your dental care and travel abroad

Stop paying killer prices for your dental care and travel abroad

Medical tourism or traveling abroad for medical procedures is not a novelty anymore. Millions of people choose to go to another country to have dental implants, cosmetic surgery or orthopedic procedures among others.

Now you can easily check online if the doctor is licensed or if the clinic is accredited, you can talk to previous patients, you can compare prices and even have an online consultation. Most of the specialists are trained at renowned universities in the world and the language barrier is no longer an issue as the majority of them speak fluent English.

Although things have significantly improved in the medical tourism industry compared to ten years ago, many people still fear to take the leap and cross the border to benefit from affordable prices, high quality care and a holiday in a foreign country.

Myths related to dental care abroad

Even if the number of people travelling abroad for dental care is increasing, there are still some myths surrounding this trend.

The first one is related to savings. Yes, you can save a lot if you do extensive dental work such as several implants, porcelain crowns or dentures. But if you cross the border to have some dental fillings, teeth cleaning or an extraction, you'd better do this in your country, as you will pay more for the trip to get there than the dental care itself. Just remember, the more dental work you need the more money you will save.

The second one is about poorly trained and unsafe dentists. Bad dentists are everywhere, whether it is the US, Canada, Mexico or India. But did you know that many foreign dentists in Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary or Philippines have been trained in elite UK, US or Australian dental colleges? They are also members of the British Dental Association, American Dental Association or Australia Dental Association. You can check their credentials online and also how their clinics look, before making your choice.

The third myth is related to dental insurance. Although many of the patients who travel abroad do this because they do not have dental insurance, those who have can benefit from a reimbursement from their company for the dental work done abroad. Insurance companies also encourage people to travel abroad and pay less for their dental care, that is why you would be surprised to find out that your company might give you some money back for your dental travel.

Comparison of dental procedures among various destinations


Dental Implant

Dental Crown

Dentures (upper or lower)


$1,650 - $2,300

$950 - $1,900

$760 - $1,275


From $750

$190 - $450

From $450

Costa Rica

From $750

$190 -$450

From $650


From $2,300

$260 - $477

From $739


$670 - $1,170

$370 - $600

From $620


From $750

$150 - $250

From $245


From $600

From $250

From $200

Ok, but why is dental work so cheap abroad you might wonder. Well, it's not because of low quality work and materials as you might believe. Dentists abroad use the same procedures, materials and equipment as the dentists in your country and they also  pay the same price for materials as well. The difference is that the cost of labor is much lower, being anywhere from ½ to ¼ the cost in Australia, the US or Canada. Another reason would be that dentists do not have to pay that much for their malpractice insurance and so these savings are passed to their patients.

Finding the right clinic for you will not be easy. There are hundreds of options to choose from, thousands of doctors to check and as many patients' opinions to read. Take all the time you need until you make the choice or ask the help of a medical tourism company, which can tell you what clinics would best fit your needs.  The medical tourism company will be at your side the whole time, being the mediator between you and the clinic.

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