PlacidWay and GRS Mexico Alliance -Affordable Gender Reassignment Surgery

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Partnership between PlacidWay and GRS Mexico Alliance in Mexico

PlacidWay and GRS Mexico Alliance make Gender Reassignment Surgery Affordable and Achievable!


olorado, 12th August, 2016: Transformation is an integral part of human existence and when it comes to "sex reassignment", it is a whole new ballgame! Just like Bruce Jenner, an Olympic athlete transformed into Caitlyn Jenner from the reality television series "I Am Cait", it is not that far fetched a dream anymore. 

PlacidWay, one of the leaders in medical tourism has formed a strategic association with GRS Mexico clinic to ensure sex reassignment surgery is not just a dream anymore. Pramod Goel, CEO PlacidWay says, "Why people are looking south of the border for general reassignment surgery as cost of this procedure in Mexico is cheaper as compared to the US. This strategic alliance spearheaded by PlacidWay ensures patients from across North America and other continents or countries can have access to gender reassignment surgery at the most affordable cost."

This is not all, as Pramod Goel, CEO PlacidWay mentions. The availability of this procedure is not as common as plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry and hence the options are quite limited. There are only a few experts across the world that can perform this procedure effectively and Mexico being closer to the USA makes it extremely accessible.

GRS Mexico clinic is situated in the pulsating city of Guadalajara in western Mexico, which is a city famous for its tequila and mariachi music. Today, the city of Guadalajara is rapidly becoming a popular destination for general reassignment surgeries.

The clinic has been chosen as a part of the PlacidWay alliance because of its reputation, state of the art infrastructure, successful surgeries in the past, competitive cost, and highly experienced and professional staff. It is definitely one of the best gender reassignment surgery clinics in Mexico where physicians analyze each patient's specific needs and desires to be able to develop the perfect treatment and procedure plan.

The founder of GRS Mexico is Dr. Ivan Aguilar, a renowned surgeon in Gender Reassignment. He specializes in several areas including Urology surgery, Neurology, Pediatric Reconstructive Urology, Genital Reassignment Surgery, and Genital Reconstruction. He also serves as a professor of urology and as honorary professor at the HECMNO Hospital in Guadalajara.

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The reputation of Dr. Aguilar precedes him as he was the first urologist in Mexico to have used BOTOX for prostate pathology, pelvic floor diseases and dysfunctions and for treatment of incontinence. He also invented and created a medical clinical patent for the treatment of premature ejaculation using Botulinum Toxin BOTOX. 

Pramod Goel, CEO PlacidWay says,"Dr. Ivan is the leader in Mexico performing this procedure and treating patients from not only from US and Canada but all Latin American countries as such a procedure is not readily available. This procedure is an emotional decision and requires proper care and support as it is a complete life changing event."

Who could have thought that Mexico would become one of the most popular destinations in the world for sex reassignment surgery (SRS) but it is a fact that cannot be ignored. 

A truly emotional decision, one that can transform and re-define life, the gender reassignment surgery is a costly affair in the USA. It is the cost of procedure that acts as a discouragement but Mexico is all geared up to provide an alternate path to all those who have been dreaming about gender transition.


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