Top 10 Fertility Clinics in Europe?

Your Top 10 Go-To Fertility Centers in Europe

Whenever seeking a fertility treatment in Europe or any other place, it is good to have all options open so you can decide which clinic you want to proceed with. For that, you have to look the top ten fertility facilities offering treatment in Europe. There are many benefits that come from fertility treatments, including an increased chance of pregnancy, regulation of the urinary tract, as well as balancing the performance of uterine organs. 

Try to inform yourself of everything related to the top ten fertility clinics in Europe, their doctors and their single and package deals. Through PlacidWay you can learn more about this, so let's get started.

Which Patients are Eligible for Fertility Treatments?

Before you look at all clinics for fertility treatments in Europe, you need to know if you are eligible for this type of treatment. Here are the criteria for eligibility:

  • If you are younger than 40 and have been trying to have a baby for two years
  • If you are over forty, and you have never done IVF before and your ovaries work perfectly
  • If you are over forty, and you have been trying to have a baby for two years
  • If you are over forty and you are informed and accepting of the possible risks and complications during the treatment

Which are the Top 10 Fertility Centers in Europe?

The choice of fertility clinics across Europe is quite generous, so feel free to take your pick. All these clinics take pride in their professionalism, positive outcome and a job well done. Fertility hospitals in Europe specialize in all fertility treatments and have plenty of experience in the field. The clinics have the latest in technology to boost their effectiveness as well. Feel free to ask for the chosen clinic's credentials and history with fertility treatments. To learn about the top ten fertility centers in Europe, click the respective link.

How are the Costs at Europe's Top 10 Fertility Clinics?

Costs of fertility treatments at the top 10 clinics in Europe are an average of $4600. The prices for these procedures can vary considering the type of treatment you choose.  

More intrusive or ongoing procedures cost $7500 and while complex fertility treatments can reach up to $29000. Have a look at each of the top ten clinics’ prices individually and check for more in our Prices bar.

How Much Do Fertility Treatment Package Deals Cost in Europe?

Aside from regular fertility treatments, fertility clinics across Europe offer package deals as well. The average cost of a fertility treatment package in Europe can vary. However, you have to be careful while choosing the package and make sure you know what you will get for selecting the package with complete transparency.

The package deal prices for fertility treatments at Europe's best clinics depend on the clinic's experience in the treatment and the packages' inclusions or exclusions. Make sure to ask for detailed information on these offers, and understand the precise costs and benefits. Packages are great because they do not have any hidden costs and you get extra services included in them. Some of the offered services include:

  • Regular doctor checkups, even post surgery
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Airport pickup and dropoff from and to the hotel
  • Consults
  • Screening of embryos 

Which Doctors do Fertility Treatments in Europe Top 10 Hospitals?

The doctors working in this field are experienced, trained and cleared for any related fertility treatment. They have been educated at Europe's finest universities and have done research and trials on the topic. Ask PlacidWay to help you get in touch with some of the finest doctors for fertility treatments in Europe. Feel free to ask your doctor of interest everything about the treatment and make sure he or she is certified in the area. Also, ask for the doctor's history, experience and success rate with fertility treatments, all of which will help you make the best decision.  

Reviews and Testimonials

To make a well-contemplated decision, we would suggest that you ask for any of these clinics' patient reviews and testimonials regarding experiences with fertility treatments there. Also, make sure you get in touch with them and discuss the pros and cons of choosing a fertility clinic in Europe.  Read more about it on the link above and do not hesitate to ask PlacidWay for assistance. 

What is Relevant to Know Before Visiting the Top 10 Fertility Clinics in Europe

This is what we think you should always ask before seeking fertility treatment at Europe's top 10 hospitals:

  • How long ago was the clinic established? 
  • What is the clinic's and doctors' experience with fertility treatments? 
  • Am I a good candidate for the procedure?
  • Are there any hidden costs with fertility treatments in Europe?
  • What are the risks and complications of getting a fertility treatment in Europe?

At PlacidWay, we would like to help you make the most rational and favorable decision regarding fertility treatments in Europe. Therefore, we suggest you ask for any sort of credentials and certification on the procedure at Europe's leading clinics. Also, make sure you know the costs and package options these clinics offer and inform yourself on the medical staff working in at these clinics. 

If you need more information on European top-notch fertility clinics, feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below!