In November 2007, I received a phone call that my father had suffered a heart attack while on holiday in Panama with my son and family.  I was their only outreach in Canada that could coordinate care for him. Our out-of-country insurance had denied coverage and so their help was futile. They were without a translator, telephone, transportation, and completely out of their element.

My father was in a small hospital without proper care, without access to much money. John Kelly, 86 years old was a Canadian Veteran trying to enjoy his senior years with family in Panama City. Paul Kelly, his son, spent a few nights on the streets in Panama as he was not allowed to stay with John in the temporary bed that was supplied for him.  He was stable but critical.

They could not perform a Pacemaker operation or Angioplasty that was necessary. The quote to fly him home was over $32,000.00 U.S. funds and he may not even survive that. We felt very helpless and confused.

I searched the internet and on November 16th, I sent a random email to a place I found miraculously called Health Effects. I immediately received an email from a wonderful man named George Adams. He reassured me by replying, "We can certainly get this done and can make all the arrangements for your father here in Panama, Do you want to call me with some details."

He provided me with his cell phone number. I was so relieved and so thankful. He was an English-speaking Angel. He shone a light for my family when we felt the most vulnerable. We felt so lost and dismayed until we spoke to George.

I cannot thank him enough. We successfully got my dad transferred to Punta Pacifica, an affiliate of John Hopkins Medical and an Angioplasty, and 2 stents were completed on November 19th, 2007 only 3 days later.

George stayed with my father, directed where to stay, coordinated his care, his release and eventual flight home on the 26th.  I cannot describe what it is like to be in a foreign country with an ill family member and not be able to speak the language.

I am so thankful that George was so attentive and helpful.  I would recommend George Adams with all of my heart.  If anyone reading this letter would like my opinion, do not hesitate to call anytime.

Special Thanks goes out to the wonderful abilities of Dr. Diaz, Dr. Noriega, Dr. Rodriques and the Punta Pacifa Hospital Staff. God Bless You All.

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