Denver, March 16, 2008 –


The medical travel industry has been sprouting the interest of healthcare providers ever so rapidly that some are classified as “swimmer who jumps into a pool without really checking out the temperature of the water”. What healthcare providers have to realize is that if they wish to be a part of the borderless endeavor, they have to prioritize on a globally acceptable structure to be pursued by those who desire to be a part of this new trend.


To facilitate building a strong foundation, PlacidWay has teamed with  World Wide Health Taiwan 2008 (WWH08).  The WWH08 forum will explore the challenges facing medical travel that impedes quality healthcare delivery as well as constructing strategies to counter these issues.  Subject matter experts will present a framework that would withstand the evolving storms and uphold the integrity of a healthcare provider.


The WWH08 forum is designed for senior healthcare executives, superintendents, and business development officers from private and public hospitals, healthcare organizations, travel industry, as well as investors and financial institutions.  The conference aims to provide the Taiwan medical travel industry with a neutral platform to discuss with global industry experts existing issues while discovering what it takes to be recognized as a credible medical travel destination.


Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the vast opportunities in Taiwan as the Taiwan Task Force of Medical Travel open their doors to welcome you. Join us on the 28th - 29th of May in Taipei, Taiwan and we will provide you with the professional insights and solutions to strive for excellence in medical travel.