Breast Augmentation with Stem Cell Therapy in Europe - Truth & Myth

Breast Augmentation with Stem Cell Therapy in Europe - Truth & Myth

Europe has witnessed a potentially remarkable transformation in the field of breast augmentation in the past decade. Doctors have been exploring stem cell breast augmentation and achieved success for imperfections from breast reconstruction over cosmetic breast augmentation.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation was not available in many European countries and was under medical review for a long time. Though it was legal in the European Union, the London Breast Institute set trials on about 30 women in the middle of 2009 before it dropped the restriction on the procedure. Earlier, the use of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation on healthy women was controversial until large-scale trials were conducted on cancer patients and it proved to be safe and effective. German medical authorities have also endorsed the use of stem cells techniques in the year 2009. 27 member states in the European Union have approved the use of stem cell techniques for the procedure of cosmetic breast augmentation. Countless women in Europe have so far achieved breast enhancement through stem cells with successful results.

Currently, stem cells are used widely in breast augmentation have become hot news in the European context. More than 350,000 women go for breast enlargement every year in Austria, Germany and Russia. Around 30,000 women choose to undergo stem cell breast enlargement every year in Britain.

After successful clinical trials held in Japan, stem cell breast augmentation for breast enlargement has been explored in Europe. Test trials in the stem cell applications demonstrated its potential utility in breast reconstruction.

Fat transfers and breast implants are done successfully in Europe for women undergoing breast reconstruction. As a matter of fact, a recent study on the evaluation of safety and efficacy of stem cell breast augmentation has proven the success of the procedure through fat transfer is majorly conditional on the technique used to prepare the fat tissue.

Breast Augmentation with Stem Cell Therapy

Women like to have fuller and toned breasts. However, not many of them like the idea of getting a silicone breast implant done. 'Natural' breast implants are today a more preferred and feasible augmentation procedure without the complications of traditional breast implants.

Autologous breast augmentation or breast augmentation with fat is a stem cell procedure that uses a woman's own body fat to increase the size of her breasts instead of breast implants. The fat used for the breast augmentation is liposuctioned from a body area with excess fat and injected into her breasts. Breast augmentation using stem cells gives a more natural look and feel both than conventional breast implants as it is made of the body's own cells and tissues instead of foreign implants such as silicone and saline.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation or Autologous Augmentation by Fat Transfer

Stem cell breast augmentation, also known as Autologous Augmentation by Fat Transfer, uses fat removed by liposuction that contains stem cells to be injected into the breast to increase breast size.

Fat transfer, or fat grafting or autologous fat transfer, is the minimally invasive procedure extracting the patient’s own fat with a liposuction cannula and utilizing it to increase the volume of her breasts.  Most commonly the fat is extracted from the stomach, thighs, and waist.

Advantages of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Stem cell breast augmentation is a potentially great procedure to inject the excess liposuctioned fat into the breasts for augmentation. Apart from a fuller and toned breast, stem cell breast augmentation improves severe breast deformities through adjunct procedures of stem cell injection.

The multiple benefits of Stem cell breast augmentation are:

  • No need for breast implant as a woman is using her own fat
  • Fat heals well and gives quick recovery
  • Breasts look and feel normal
  • Minimal incisions of four-millimeter are used for liposuction and inject the fat into the breasts
  • Stem cell augmented breasts are healthy
  • Very few or almost no complications or side effects
  • No need for re-operations

How are the stem cells administered into the breasts for a fuller and toned look?

Stem cell concentrate and fat tissue are measured in equal quantities to be injected into both breasts for a fuller and firmer shape. Local anesthesia is administered through a small cannula that does not leave any scar after the procedure. The fat tissue helps to obtain a natural look and feel for the breasts.

What are the risk factors involved in the procedure?

Like any other minimally invasive procedure, Stem Cell Breast Augmentation has a small risk of infection, bruising and sometimes bleeding. Since the fat is taken from the woman's own tissue, there are fewer chances of an allergic reaction, rejection or capsule formation, which is common in traditional breast augmentation techniques.

Cost of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation in Europe

The average cost of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation packages in Europe is around $5,000. Package price may go up to $12,000 considering the final physical evaluation of the patient and finalization of the treatment procedure. Germany offers one of the cheapest breast enlargement prices in Europe. Patients from the USA, Asia and other parts of the world choose Germany to stem cell breast augmentation done. Stem Cell Breast Augmentation packages are available in Austria, Russia, France, and Italy at around $5500 on an average. Spain, Ukraine, and Poland offer high-quality medical care and compliance with strict treatment standards for medical tourism. These countries offer offers affordable stem cell boob job at package prices of $3,300-4,200. Countries like the Czech Republic, Austria, and Croatia have reputed cosmetic clinics known for conducting successful stem cell breast augmentation to domestic and international patients.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Packages Ideally Include

  • Implants
  • Stem cells enriched fat transfer
  • Medications
  • Hospital admission

Stem cells used for breast reconstruction has a relatively low complication rate and is considered to be safe by doctors as it does not promote cancer recurrence or complications.

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