How to Get Liposuction Surgery Abroad? 5 Most Important Things to Know

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Liposuction Surgery in Mexico

5 Most Important Things to Know Liposuction Surgery Abroad

“After my second child was born, I felt like my body does not look like my own”, says Amy, a 32-year-old lady from California. She has always worked hard, trained at the gym, and ate the right diet to stay around her ideal weight. She was, in fact, proud of her appearance. Now, it is very hard for her to look in the mirror. There was a huge bulge due to muscle separation from her pregnancies. The indentation and excess skin above her C-section scar were so ugly. She couldn’t fit into her trendy clothes anymore and most of the outfit variations she added were loose pants and big shirts. This started bothering Amy and gradually she made her mind to remove small fat deposits from the problem areas in her body using liposuction.

While searching for reliable and experienced plastic surgeons she realized getting a cosmetic procedure abroad can be beneficial. It’s not that she didn’t find the right options locally, but she was getting the same or even higher quality standards and care at a much affordable price in Tijuana, Mexico. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a big worry first due to restrictions of crossing the border and then after the border opened for medical purposes, Amy was reluctant to travel for treatment. However, after four months, the clinic assured that every safety measure are properly followed and Amy got the procedure completed safely and successfully.

Liposuction is a big surgery and not a walk in the park for sure. Amy obeyed the recovery guidelines and now feels amazing. She thanked the doctor for changing her life and giving back her confidence.

Like Amy, as more people are becoming conscious of their body image, a cosmetic surgical procedure like liposuction is becoming increasingly popular around the world. With the rise of medical tourism abroad, the procedure has become quite affordable so that anyone can avail of such treatments. Some of the countries where the demand for liposuction has soared are Mexico, Costa Rica, and Turkey. Apart from affordability, these countries are also offering the latest technological advancements and comfort. So, it is not surprising that people now prefer to travel abroad for liposuction. If you are also planning to get liposuction surgery abroad, here are the five most important things that you must know.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Liposuction

Liposuction surgery cost can be determined by several factors. Large areas like the buttocks cost more than small areas like the neck. Some areas are difficult to operate like the cheek and chin. So, operating these areas will also cost more. Also, the advancement of methods like laser liposuction, ultrasound can affect the price along with surgeon’s experience, patient comfort, nursing fee, patient’s comfort, operation room charges, laboratory test charges, post-operative supply costs, etc.

Cost Comparison of Liposuction - the US vs. Mexico 

Country Cost in USD
US $3,500
Mexico $1,500

Cost Comparison of Liposuction Abroad

In first-world countries like the US or UK, the estimated cost of liposuction surgery is around $3,500 and $5,200 approximately. Opting for the same procedure abroad in countries like Mexico, Thailand, India, and Costa Rica, can prove to be quite cost-saving. For example, liposuction cost in Mexico starts from $1,500 approximately, while the same procedure in Costa Rica costs $1,400 onwards. The procedure is also affordable in Asian countries like Thailand and India where the estimated cost starts from $1,300 and $1,200 respectively. So, it is evident that choosing these locations abroad for liposuction can help you save almost 50% or even higher.

Healthcare Quality Abroad for Liposuction

The quality of the surgery varies across nations and hospitals. The procedure quality in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand is equal or better than top countries like the US or UK. However, patients must ensure that their chosen hospital/clinic has certain quality accreditations like JCI and the chosen surgeon is specialized in the selected procedure. So, it is very important to do adequate research to find the most suitable solution in terms of cost and quality.

Language Issue 

To get surgery like liposuction abroad, as an international patient you have to deal with a lot of practical issues. For example, foreign surgeons generally don’t speak fluent English. In such cases, the clinic usually provides a translator. You must be very sure that you understand everything clearly, especially when the information is as sensitive as surgery or cost-related details. This will make sure that you remain clear on your mind about what’s going on and let the experts proceed with the surgery.

Safety of Liposuction Procedure Abroad

In liposuction surgery, the degree of safety depends on the patient’s candidacy. The more suitable a candidate is for the procedure, the lesser complications and risks will be involved. Like every treatment procedure, there are some possible side effects, but the chances of serious threats are very rare. Swelling and bruising are common, but they are temporary and last for about three to six weeks. As long as the surgeon is experienced and qualified and the clinic follows strict quality standards, liposuction is completely safe.

Among the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries across the world, liposuction is a commonly chosen procedure. Every year, plastic surgery experts in Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Thailand, and India treat millions of medical tourists. Most of these clinics are accredited by reputed organizations and the plastic surgeons have received formal education in prestigious universities. So, it is not surprising that more and more people are realizing the benefits of traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery like liposuction and other medical care. If you are searching for the best solution for liposuction surgery abroad, let PlacidWay serve your quest. Let us help you directly connect to the world’s leading plastic surgeons and top clinics.

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