Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Two Weeks before Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a common and popular surgical procedure that helps people to lose weight. This kind of surgery is achieved by reducing the stomach size or by resecting the small intestine to a small pouch. This surgery is the appropriate weight loss option for those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 35. Over time, studies have shown that this type of surgery causes significant weight loss, recovery from Diabetes, improvement in cardiovascular risk factors and even a reduction in mortality rate from 40% to 23%.

Although the chances of pre-operative complications are very low, but you must maintain certain things to assure the

According to CER Bariatrics, one of the leading bariatric surgery centers within the chain of CER Hospitals in Ti9juana, Mexico, you must do the following before two weeks of the surgery.

You have made it into the second week of the pre-op diet, remember to eat enough to stay full and healthy, the rule is to eat as much as you need to keep your energy up but you may only eat what is on the approved list below.

Pre-op Week 2

  • Protein shakes - GNC or Premier brand with 28 grams of protein and under 5 grams of sugar per serving.  
  • Vegetables - 1 cup cooked vegetables, steamed broccoli, green beans, cauliflower (must stop three days before surgery)
  • Fat-free/Low fat broth/bullion - Veggie, chicken, bone, and bean broth.
  • Sugar-free Popsicles / Sugar-free Jell-O
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Plain yogurt with no additives

Note: At Midnight the night before surgery you must fast no more water or food.

VITAMINS: 1 Multivitamin per day - 1 Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D- Not to be taken with the multivitamin. To be taken with food for better absorption.

FLUIDS: Acceptable fluids include ·  (64 oz) Water · Fruit infused waters · Decaf Herbal Tea · Crystal Light drinks ·  Vitamin Water Zero · PowerAde Zero · Low Fat Milk or almond milk.

Do NOT list:

  • Stop smoking one month before surgery
  • Blood thinners must be stopped one week before surgery.
  • No Smoking of any kind two weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking hunger suppressants two weeks before surgery
  • Stop drinking beverages with alcohol two weeks before surgery.
  • Avoid ALL caffeinated beverages( Decaf coffee or Tea are okay to drink)

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