PlacidWay Launches New Medical Services at PlacidSonora

PlacidWay, a well-known and growing medical tourism services provider and resource launches a new website at, catering to influx of medical travelers seeking excellent, certified and affordable medical, dental and vision care South of the Border in Sonora, Mexico.

PlacidWay, a well-known leader in global medical provider resources launches a new website catering to medical travelers seeking excellent, certified and affordable medical, dental and vision care South of the Border in Sonora, Mexico. Sonora offers convenient cross-border travel for Americans living in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas seeking more affordable care and services from top Sonoran medical centers in travel destinations throughout the state of Sonora.

"We strive to make it easier for customers to choose cities and areas of travel that provide facilities, doctors and surgeons that meet and address their needs, whether it's for an eyebrow lift, dental reconstruction or cardiac surgery," says Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay.

PlacidWay is a leader in international medical tourism industry, committed to providing specialized solutions to health and wellness problems of individuals around the globe. Increasing affordable and quality treatments in the Latin American infrastructure is the purpose behind the development of PlacidSonora. "The first step is to start with a Mexican border state. We selected Sonora, a national leader in health tourism," explains Goel. "The next step is offering destinations throughout Mexico, which will be followed by other Latin American countries.

PlacidSonora offers bilingual English and Spanish integrated information regarding medical centers, experienced and qualified doctors, treatments, and health and tourism information in 13 city destinations including a Google route map."

From Guaymas to the white, sandy beaches of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, the most northwestern state in Mexico, offers safety and the ultimate in comfortable and modern accommodations for medical travelers. The newly launched PlacidSonora website offers a user-friendly approach to up-to-date information for those interested in traveling to, around and out of Sonora. Well-traveled roads, local and international airports, train stations running from the U.S. border and deeper into Mexico as well as ports of call for cruise ships and cruise lines make choosing the best in services and facilities easier for users. Locations and profiles of restaurants and hotels throughout the state give travelers from around the world access to the grace, historical charm and warmth of the Mexican people of Sonora.

"We saw a growing need for specialized health and wellness services south of the border to meet the demands of Americans and neighboring Latino travelers seeking accredited and easily accessible medical treatment, procedures and facilities," explains Hector Xavier Martinez, Director, PlacidSonora. "Thousands of Americans don't have healthcare coverage, and nearly 50% of Americans don't have dental coverage. Just over half a million people traveled across borders in the past year due to uncertainties in the health care industry and constantly rising prices. PlacidSonora offers a close location for them to receive their care from certified physicians at half the cost of the same treatment in the U.S."

Increasing numbers of American health insurance providers such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina and Health Net approve treatments and procedures offered in Mexico by Joints Commission International accredited facilities. The JCI is a medical quality governing board that accredits hospitals for standards of care in the U.S. and abroad. PlacidSonora was created to help international patients find the facilities, doctors and surgeons who best meet their needs in the beautiful state of Sonora.

"We want to offer the convenience of medical facilities, accommodations, restaurants and sight-seeing adventures available to medical travelers arriving in Sonora”, states Martinez. “Medical providers in the U.S. often send their uninsured patients down to Sonora where they're able to receive sometimes life-saving surgeries and save thousands of dollars at the same time."

Modern, state-of-the-art medical centers like the Sonora Medical Center SC in Nogales or the Centro Medico del Noroeste in San Luis Rio Colorado offer travelers the best in medical care from neurology to fertility treatments and other fine locations offer health and wellness care from medical spa treatments to dentistry.

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