Medical Tourism in Colombia

Medical Tourism in Colombia

Colombia is the beautiful country that it's always been. If you want to explore some beautiful archeological sites, jungles and mountains or just relax in a beautiful city like Bogotá, then Colombia is the place for your medical tourism.

Colombia in a Snapshot

  • Currency: Colombian Pesos
  • Language: Spanish
  • Climate: The climate depends on the altitude but places like Bogotá are always warm and spring-like.
  • Capitol: Bogotá

Bogotá, Colombia, used to be the capital city of cocaine and violence. Now it's simply the capital city of one of the most beautiful countries in the South American Continent. There are lost cities, pre-Colombian sculptures and other archeological treasures located throughout the country. There are wonderful mountains and jungles to explore as well as cities that offer all of the best amenities to world travelers.

Colombia has also long been known for its coffee. Most of the coffee in the entire world comes from Colombia or is mixed with Colombian coffee in some way or another. No other commodity, legal or not, is more widely distributed than Colombian coffee. At one point, Colombia even hired a national spokesman named Juan Valdez, to promote its great quality coffee to the world.

Aside from that, remember that Colombia is not a third world country filled with decay and misfortune. Colombia has modern-day cities with modern-day amenities like malls, shopping centers, five star resorts and restaurants. Colombia has a lot to offer to anyone lucky enough to visit. Whether it is for shopping, exercising, visiting, touring or getting medical treatments, Colombia is one of the best places to go in all of Latin America.

Why Health Tourism in Colombia?

Health procedures are costing more every year. In order to avoid the high cost of medical procedures in the U.S., people are deciding on medical tourism, which offers plenty of benefits. Just because a medical procedure isn't performed within the United States  doesn't mean that it isn't safe or well done. Colombian doctors are expertly trained and certified by quality Colombian institutions. The other plus about getting medical procedures done in Colombia are all the other fun and exciting activities that Colombia has to offer. So you can get your tummy tucked, your teeth straitened and your breast lifted at a fraction of the cost that you'd pay in the U.S., and then go visit all the beautiful sites Colombia has to offer.

10 Fun Things to do in Colombia

  • Drink some coffee: Colombian coffee is the most popular coffee in the world.
  • Visit the Amazon.
  • Visit Colombia's Indian tribes.
  • Tour a jungle - Colombia has many of them.
  • Dance salsa at one of the hottest salsa destinations in the world, Cali, Colombia.
  • Ride a motorbike and get down and dirty in Colombia's rugged terrain.
  • Climb a mountain.
  • Go rafting or kayaking in one of the many rivers and lakes.
  • Go diving or snorkeling.
  • Go skating around Bogotá.

No matter whether you're looking to save yourself a little money on what would otherwise be an expensive medical treatment, or if you're thinking of a place to go on vacation, Colombia is a great destination for you. Forget about its violent past and think of its prosperous, peaceful and beautiful future. Colombia is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination and will not remain a cheap alternative for too long.

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