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Medical Tourism in Egypt

Egypt has a great history. Nearly 25 centuries ago, when the first historians visited Egypt, some of its major landmarks were already 25 centuries old. These landmarks are still visited today by thousands of tourists every year. However, don't think that just because we’ve been exploring Egypt for more than 2 thousand years, that we've found everything there is to find in Egypt. No, Egypt is still revealing previously unknown secrets every single day.

Egypt in a Snapshot

  • Currency: Egyptian Pound
  • Language: Arabic
  • Climate: Hot and dry during the summer months, cool and dry during the winter months.
  • Capital: Cairo

Egypt has been a tourist attraction for as long as civilization. Ancient Egypt was already ancient when the ancient Greeks visited there. There are pyramids, tombs, cities and shops in Egypt that are hundreds of years old. Still, ancient history, ruins and landmarks aren't all that Egypt has to offer. Despite the fact that Cairo is thousands of years old, it's still a fully functional, modern-day city - through its ancient attractions are only a fraction of what Egypt has to offer.

The Red Sea region offers five-star resorts, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers that rival that of any major American city. If you're looking for a nice, cool and comfortable vacation, then this region is the place for you. However, if fun and adventure is what you're looking for, then you can go on safari, excursions and tours throughout major stopping points and landmarks of Egypt. Hit the dunes on camelback or dirt bikes or 4- wheelers... it's up to you.

There are also other benefits to visiting Egypt. Visitors can enjoy cultural and historic places but they will also enjoy modern, new, and exciting and comfortable amenities. Egypt is a modern oasis - a paradise in the middle of the desert. Here, technological advancements are not forgotten. Many of the doctors that practice medicine in Egypt have studied abroad in Western countries and give you the kind of treatment that you expect at home, but at only a fraction of the prices that you would otherwise expect.

Why Health Tourism in Egypt?

Another popular aspect of travel to Egypt is its growing medical tourism. Egypt has some of the highest standards of cosmetic surgery in the world, and some of the lowest prices. The advantages of medical tourism are savings on medical procedures accompanied by a great escape from everyday life.

10 Fun Things to do in Egypt

  • Visit the Pyramids
  • Visit the Sphinx
  • Go to a Bazaar
  • Take a cruise on the Nile
  • Fly a hot air balloon over Luxor
  • Go to the beach at Alexandria
  • Visit the Red Sea
  • Hit the dunes on camel, 4-wheeler or dirt bikes
  • Golf at courses with historic backdrops
  • Go for a dive in the Red Sea

There aren't very many places in the world as awesome as Egypt. Egypt has got it all. The old, the new, the modern and the ancient are all coalesced into one beautiful country. Whether you like an action-packed vacation, a lesson in archeology, anthropology, history and sociology or simply a nice and relaxing escape, Egypt is the place for you to visit. While you're there, you can take advantage of some of the best and cheapest medical procedures in the world. No matter what you decide to do, you can't go wrong by deciding to visit one of the oldest countries in the world.

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