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Zdravo! - Hello to Serbia!

Considered one of the new hottest destinations in Eastern Europe, Serbia has had its fair share of conflicts and international headlines, but in recent years,  Serbia has emerged as the newest and most unique and little advertised, beautiful destinations to visit and get a taste of local culture and sights that reaches back centuries. International travelers seeking an ideal destination that offers lush surroundings, rugged mountain ranges, bustling, high-tech metropolitan cities and the best in the atmosphere, planning a trip to Serbia offers international travelers the ultimate in nightlife, national parks and museums. 


  • Currency : Serbian Dinar
  • Language: Serbian with both Cyrillic and Latin Script as well as Hungarian in the northern locations
  • Climate: Winter months average 32°-50°F and summer months average 60°-80°F
  • Capital: Belgrade

Serbia is home to a wide range of museums, national parks, nightlife destinations and architectural sights. Rich in history and beauty, Serbia is now becoming a popular tourist destination. In Belgrade, her capital and major city center, there is plenty of things to do to satisfy any age or taste, whether it is having a meal at an open air café before visiting a museum or checking out local artists working at the many exquisite galleries, both indoors and out, to be found throughout the country.

Novi Sad is another of Serbia's elegant cities, set away from Belgrade and offering visitors a little known 'pearl in the rough'. Picture perfect and set overlooking the famous Danube, this city also has plenty to offer including galleries, theatres and  cultural centerpieces and landmarks. Known as the 'Serbian Athens', Novi Sad is the second largest city in the country of Serbia. 

With its old world history, those interested in relics from hundreds of years ago will enjoy visiting the Ottoman sights of Nis, the third largest city in Serbia. Roman ruins and the Skull Tower, an ancient Turkish fortress, is just some of the historical features to be found, and enjoyed in Serbia, as well as the city of Nis.

Interested in seeing the natural beauty of Serbia?
Djerdap National Park is home to the Djerdap Gorge, a large river valley made up of four additional gorges. Mineral waters throughout the country offer tourists a relaxing and therapeutic way to unwind as well as get in touch with the outdoors.

Why Health Tourism in Serbia?
High quality and affordable medical care is found throughout Serbia. Many of the medical spas that offer treatments also offer guests top notch medical care, accommodations and peaceful surroundings to heal and enjoy the locale. Serbia is also increasing its appeal to Western travelers with substantial savings on medical treatments of 35-40% and comparable services to other medical hospitals found in the United States and Western Europe. With over 50 health resorts and 1,300 mineral baths, Serbia is growing as a popular medical destination for a variety of medical treatments, procedures, health spas and services.

10 Fun Things to Do in Serbia

  • Explore the beautiful city of Belgrade
  • Walk along the Sava and Danube rivers
  • Photograph landmarks such as the Orthodox Cathedral
  • Have a romantic meal floating down the Danube river
  • Check out galleries and restaurants in Skadarlija, the 19th century quarter of Belgrade
  • Going hiking in the Fruska Gora and discover trails and hidden monasteries
  • Go wine tasting on the Palic wine route, home to a 2,000 year old wine making tradition
  • Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Fresco Museum
  • Visit the location where kings have been crowned at the Monastery of Zica
  • Enjoy the sights and surroundings of Serbia on the Sargan Eight Railway

Serbia is clearly a land of beauty, history and top-notch medical facilities and spas. Whether you visit this ancient land for a medical treatment or procedure or purely for pleasure, chances are you'll visit Serbia time and time again. Serbia is a mysterious land, and one that will get under your blood, enticing you to return to explore every aspect of her rich history, traditions, amusements and exotic foods.