Ecuador Medical Tourism

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is located on the western coastline of upper South America, nestled along the shores of the Pacific between Colombia to the north and Peru to the east and south.  Ecuador is also the home of the Galapagos Islands of the Pacific and received its name because it literally straddles the equator dividing the northern and southern hemispheres. Ecuador is a magical land of jungles, exotic species and creatures, and one of the first in South America to promote the ecosystem.


  • Currency: U.S. dollar
  • Language: Spanish
  • Climate: Pacific coastal range is offer tropical climates, the Andean Highlands mild temperatures, and the Amazon Basin offers warmer, more humid environments
  • Capital: Quito

Ecuador was part of the immense Incan empire in the 15th century, visited by Spanish conquistadors and developed through 300 years of colonization by the Spanish. Ecuador is divided into a number of Provinces, all of which offer international tourists and residents a variety of terrain, from sandy beaches along the Pacific to Amazon rain forests on their eastern borders to the Highlands, which contain a portion of the Andes mountain range.

Ecuador offers visitors not only a variety of climate and geographical interest points, but some of the best food in South America, from local hornado to fish soup to green banana soup, roasted pork, and of course, a wealth of seafood along the coast.

Ecuador offers visitors a variety of attractions, from volcanoes found in the Andes to tropical forest vegetation in the Amazon jungles, to basking along sun-drenched beaches, and visiting the Galapagos islands, one of the most visited areas in all of South America.

From hiking and climbing Cotopaxi Mountain to visiting a variety of World Heritage Sites, landmarks and architectural ruins, visitors to Ecuador also enjoy the benefits of ultramodern accommodations, fine dining, and museum experiences in Ecuador's major cities, including Quinto, Cuenca, Riobamba and Banos, just to name a few.

Why Health Tourism in Ecuador?
Global medical tourism has grown increasingly popular in recent years, not only among North Americans seeking affordable and quality healthcare South of the Border, but among Canadians, Western and Central Europeans seeking quality, effective and timely healthcare options.  Ecuador is growing as an increasingly popular destination for dental and medical tourism in all aspects of health care and health and wellness.

South America is increasingly becoming a leader in health care options, procedures and techniques for international travelers. Joint Commissions International (JCI) clinical accreditation, best business practices, access to health providers, health tourism travel agencies and hospitals with concierge services are growing in Ecuador and throughout South America to offer enhanced and convenient benefits to medical travelers around the world.

10 Fun Things To Do in Ecuador

  • Visit Volcán Chimborazo, the highest summit and Ecuador and the closest point to this on found on earth.
  • Spend the day at Quinto's Old Town, a busy, vibrant colonial center
  • Spend the day strolling Cuenca, a UNESCO world heritage site
  • Explore the Galapagos islands
  • Take an Amazon rainforest tour
  • Visit the Avenue of Volcanoes - beautiful landscape and indigenous Indian villages will captivate all ages
  • Enjoy the delights of Quinto, the capital, including the Neo-gothic Church and the Guayasamin Museum
  • Take a ride on the Devil's Nose Train between snowcapped mountains
  • Shop for native handicrafts at the Otavalo Markets
  • Climb Cotopaxi Mountain

Ecuador offers travelers some of the best options for entertainment and adventure in South America. Whether you want to lay on the beach and bask in the sun or explore the depths of the Amazon jungle or climb to the tip of an Andes mountain volcanic peak, Ecuador offers something for everyone.