Fiji Islands Medical Tourism

Bula - Welcome to Fiji!

Overview: When you think of the words "South Pacific" aqua blue waters, tropical palms and vegetation, and white, sandy beaches are the first thing that comes to mind. The Fiji islands are one of the most beautiful, exotic and dreamed about tourist destinations in the world. Fiji and surrounding Fiji islands have provided some of the most exciting adventures for people around the world.


  • Currency - Fijian dollar
  • Language - English, Bau Fijan, Fiji Hindi
  • Climate - Topically warm weather throughout most of the year, the warmer seasons from November through April. Cooler seasons from May to October offer 72° F average.
  • Capital - Suva

From her wealth of national parks, hiking trails, reserves and beachside huts and campsites, the Fiji islands provide mile upon mile of outdoor adventure to meet the needs and desires of any outdoor enthusiast.  At the other end of the spectrum, individuals arriving at the Fiji islands for nothing but some rest and relaxation won't be disappointed with comfortable accommodations, wonderful dining, and the best in friendly service and attention from the Fiji people.

Over 320 islands make up the group called Fiji islands, most of them inhabited by friendly and vibrant individuals of Chinese, East Indian, Polynesian and Native Pacific Island descent. The Fiji islands offer everything from the most drastic camping site to five-star resorts and hotels, exciting nightlife and historic sites. For those interested in taking advantage of the Fiji islands' exciting outdoor adventures, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and surfing are just a few of the opportunities travelers can indulge in. Outboard canoes, open sided buses, catamarans and other travel options await visitors wanting to immerse themselves in Fiji culture.

Fiji and the Fiji islands are a natural stopping off point between international travel origins and destinations including Australia, New Zealand and India. Because of its location, the Fiji islands have long been the hub of South Pacific Rim travel. Many of the islands that make up Fiji are not inhabited, offering great opportunities for exploration, backpacking, and swimming along miles of pristine waterways and beachfront.

10 Fun Things to do in Fiji

  • Visit Nadi, the island known for jet setters, exciting shopping, and gourmet dining
  • Snorkel your way around and through the Fiji islands
  • Hike Fiji's rain forests, orchid gardens and beaches
  • Go cave exploring
  • Take jet boat rides that offer you 360° spins
  • Enjoy a relaxing massage in front of your comfortable hut on a private beach
  • Take a hot air balloon ride over the islands for views that will take your breath away
  • Enjoyed night diving, wreck diving and cave diving
  • Explore the coral capital of the world and the Great Astrolabe Reef
  • Swim with manta rays and view the sharks (from a safe distance of course!)

Fiji and the greater Fiji islands offer travelers the opportunity of a lifetime to experience, smell and imbibe the wonderful scents of the South Pacific. Warm and sunny sea breezes, friendly people and the truly exotic offer those who step upon Fiji's shores an unforgettable experience that provides memories that will last a lifetime.