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Medical Tourism in Romania

Welcome to Romania!

Romania, for some an unknown country, for others a country full of potential and possibilities, has started to make its way into the medical tourism industry.

Romania, located in southeastern Central Europe, bordering the Black Sea, was in the communism period a flourishing country, chosen by many foreigners for its medical spas and natural therapies, such as mud therapy, mineral, and thermal water baths or asthma therapy in natural salt caves. Many years after the communist period, the country was in a state of lethargy, no developments whatsoever, no investments, no interest in the region's natural resources. And so, Romania lost its fame and also the thousands of medical tourists coming from France, England, Norway or Germany.

Over the past few years Romania has begun to understand the importance of medical tourism and started to invest heavily in its infrastructure and promotion of its wellness and health services. Foreign medical travelers have started to choose Romania for its affordable prices and quality medical care, and Romanians that went abroad, return home for medical treatments, especially for dental care.

Romania in a Snapshot:

  • Currency – Romanian Leu (RON)
  • Language: Romanian
  • Climate: Romania has a temperate and continental climate, with four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 11 °C (52 °F) in the south and 8 °C (46 °F) in the north.
  • Capital: Bucharest

According to recent studies, the medical tourism market in Romania is assessed at around $250 million and it is dominated by the wellness and spa services. Experts believe that this number can be doubled in the following year and 500,000 new tourists could come to Romania, if an effective strategy is implemented . Almost 2 million tourists come annually in Romania, and 2-3% of them come for medical care, most of them from France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy, but also the US.

Why health tourism in Romania?

Romania has renowned wellness, spa, dental and esthetic surgery clinics, but is also famous for its multidisciplinary hospitals, where experienced doctors perform highly successful cardiology and ophthalmology surgeries, and infertility treatments.

The medical care market in this region is attractive for many foreigners, especially for the low income people, thanks to affordable prices,  quality medical treatments and procedures, no waiting lists, but also due to the beautiful attractions this country has to offer. Medical tourism in Romania continues to increase and will keep this trend as long as medical care prices will be lower compared to other countries.

10 fun things to do in Romania:

  • Fish in the Danube Delta
  • Drink '?uica', the Romanian specific alcoholic drink
  • Try traditional food
  • Visit the Palace or Parliament
  • Relax at the thermal springs
  • Drive the Transfagarasan, renowned as the best road in the world
  • Visit the beautiful Moldavian monasteries and castles (Dracula Casle, Peles, Pelisor, etc)
  • Visit the Merry Cemetery in North Romania
  • Sun bath on the Black Sea beaches
  • Hike in the Apuseni mountains

Romania is not only a country where tourists can find quality, affordable medical care, but also a region which offers so many beautiful sights and traditions, warm people, good food, wilderness, warm beaches and relaxing spas and many other tourist attractions which wait to be discovered.

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