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Welcome to Latvia

Latvia, officially the Republic of Latvia, is located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Latvia is a democratic and parliamentary republic established in 1918. It is inhabited by Latvians, who are Baltic people related to the Lithuanians.



Latvia in a snapshot:

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Currency : EUR

Language : Latvian

Climate: temperate - cooler summers and milder winters to the West, warmer summers and harsher winters to the East

Capital: Riga


Latvia Medical Tourism

For tourists, one of the most important thing about Latvia is that it is very compact. Its 500 km of sandy beaches are easily reached from the historical towns and medieval landscapes and are such a beautiful sight to see throughout the country. Although Latvia suffered an economic slope in 2009, by year 2011 the economy started to recover, due to the increasing number of tourists reaching out for this destination.


Medical Tourism in Latvia

Foreign Tourism Latvia

Latvia Affordable Medical Tourism

The medical services in Latvia are divided into public and private. Both provide excellent quality services, mostly due to the fact that medical professionals gained experience through exchange programs in Europe and in the USA. Latvia is one of the most affordable medical and dental treatments country, thanks to its cheap flights, friendly prices and convenient overnight stays in hotels, competing with Estonia, Germany and Finland.

Latvia provides Western European quality at Eastern European prices, offering a wide range of medical services such as: dentistry, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics, both in public and in private hospitals. Most doctors communicate in Russian, German and French, besides the widely-spread English.

Especially on the background of an economic downturn, it is advantageous to combine the pleasant with the useful – not just to see the country with its beauties but also to see a doctor if only as a cautious measure.


10 Fun Things To Do In Latvia

High Quality Health Care Latvia

Dentistry Cosmetic Surgery in Latvia


  • Go to the Baltic Beach Hotel Spa Center in Jurmala
  • Stay for the night and be punished in the Karosta prison in Liepaja
  • Pray in the St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral of Liepaja
  • Take a tour of the Turaida Museum Reserve in the town of Sigulda
  • Take a picture of the Freedom Monument in Riga
  • Go to the Pilsetas Canal (The City Canal) in Riga
  • Visit the Central Market in Riga
  • Visit the Art Nouveau Center in Riga
  • Dine at the Istaba Restaurant in Riga
  • Enjoy yourself at the hybrid club/bar Piens in Riga.


Latvia is not only an important landmark and tourist attraction for its natural landscapes, but also a government-proclaimed medical tourism attraction, due to its competitive prices, highly-trained professionals and special price offers. Its national medical tourism strategy develops constantly, providing tourists with one of the lowest prices for accommodation and plane tickets, to which we must add the continuous technological renewal of hospitals and medical devices.


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