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Finland Medical Tourism

If your Finnish is a bit rusty, that’s how you say Hello Finland when visiting the North European country. The Republic of Finland, as it is officially called, is a place filled with mysterious and majestic landscapes, cities and natural phenomena. The country has reinvented itself and now binds seamlessly its glorious and proud past with its cutting edge and promising future. It has also become a popular tourist destination, having something to offer for anyone. Either you are the partying type and want to taste some of Finland’s best vodkas, or if you want to be amazed by the midnight sun spectacle, or are just young, or young at heart and want to visit Santa’s workshop in Lapland, Finland’s got you covered.

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Finland in a Snapshot


  • Currency – Euro
  • Language – Finnish and Swedish
  • Climate – On the southern coastlines, mild winters and warm but short summers. In Northern regions, cold and long winters and warm but short summers.
  • Capital – Helsinki

Finland wasn’t always the home of Formula One and rally drivers or of metal bands. Bordering Sweden to the North-West, Norway to the North and Russia to the East, Finland had to fight its way to where she is today. After entering the European Union and adopting the Euro, Finland opened its arms to international tourists. People visiting Finland can get lost admiring the way that the old and the new come together in perfect harmony on the streets of cities like Helsinki, Turku, Oulu or Rovaniemi.

If you are looking for indoor activities, Finland offers some of the greatest and most exclusive hotels in the world. Also, Sami cuisine is a must do when visiting Finland. It relies heavily on reindeer meat, fish and berries. If you also have an appetite for culture, you can find something to fit your palette in one of Finland’s numerous museums and art galleries, filled with both national and international works of art, both new and old.

If outdoor activities are more your cup of tea, you’ve come to the right place. Finland is a nature lover’s dream. With hundreds of lakes and inlets and acres of virgin forest, all set against the backdrop of Finland’s mountainous terrain, no wonder trekking is one of the nation’s favorite pastimes. The Finns are also big fans of motorsports. Rallies are frequently held along icy roads, full of twists and bends. Kimi Räikkönen is one of the best examples in this case. But this still doesn’t beat their number one thing to do outdoor: ice hockey. They practically wrote the book on ice hockey. So you can be sure they know a thing or two about pucks and skates.

Finland is home to some of the most spectacular sceneries in the world either you are getting lost in the forests of Lapland or visiting the southern coastline around Helsinki. It is also a country designed to stimulate your every sense, making it one of the most surprising country’s in the world. From its friendly and hospitable people, to its reach historical cities, with just a touch of modern, Finland can’t be visited, it has to be experienced.


Medical Procedures Finland

Health Tourism in Finland

Finland is also a fast growing medical tourism destination, with patients coming in search of its world renowned surgeons, and also finding rare and beautiful sites. When looking for doctors in Helsinki, Turku or Oulu, you are bound to find some of the best in the business.

In 2011 alone, a number of 12,000 patients visited the North European country in search of top notch medical care. The most sought after medical professionals are ophthalmological and dental surgeons. Finland is also known as a top destination for cancer treatments, the country having one of the most developed networks of care facilities providing such services. The bulk of medical tourists that come to Finland are from the neighboring country of Russia.  


10 Things to do in Finland

  • Visit Arktikum-talo
  • Enjoy the rides at Linnanmäki amusement park
  • Go dog sledding
  • Visit Suomenlinna
  • Explore by motosafari
  • Immerse yourself in the Heureka Science Centre
  • Visit Lutheran Cathedral, Rock church
  • Go kayaking
  • Visit Santa’s workshop in Rovaniemi
  • Take a cruise around the Gulf of Bothnia

No matter why you choose to visit Finland, you can rest assured that it will deliver and you’ll find yourself yearning to go back for more. It leaves an everlasting impression on you, no matter how old you are. Once you’ve lived the Finnish experience once, it will draw you in and holds you tight and never let you go.

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