Surgeon Dr. Yucel Birinci

Surgeon Dr. Yucel Birinci, Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist)

Izmir, Turkey

8019/16 sokak No:4 Cigli, Izmir, Turkey

Speciality: Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist)

Languages: English

About - Surgeon Dr. Yucel Birinci

He is a graduate of Dokuz Eylul Faculty of Medicine. His thesis on intraoperative monitorization of shoulder nerves in neck dissections is awarded and recognized as one of the best head and neck study at the 31th Turkish National Congress of Otorhinolaryngology and Head Neck Surgery in 2009. His research interests are rhinoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery, pediatry and ear microsurgery.

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Turkey is fast gaining a reputation of providing superlative medical and health care in many fields, including cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiac care and procedures, vision, LASIK technology and orthopedics and dentistry, to name a few.

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