Dr. Sivakumar Dhanaraj | Radiologist | Dubai | UAE

Dr. Sivakumar Dhanaraj Radiologist Dubai, UAE

About - Dr. Sivakumar Dhanaraj

Apart from routine radiology works, he has experience in routine neuro imaging and advanced neuro imaging techniques such as spectroscopy, diffusion, perfusion imaging and f-MRI as well as Paediatric neuro imaging.
He performs special procedures such as USG/CT guided Core biopsy of tumours and soft tissues and also drainage procedures for abscess and collections.

Education - Dr. Sivakumar Dhanaraj

Dr. Sivakumar Dhanaraj completed 15 years of radiology practice upon completion of his MD in radio diagnosis at Madras medical college. He also obtained a super specialty degree of DM in Neuroradiology after a 3- year course at NIMHAN Sin Bangalore, India. He has worked in various prestigious hospitals in South India before coming to Dubai.

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