Dr. Gilberto Medina Flores, Plastic Surgeon - Merida, Mexico

Anexo CMA Consultorio 14. Calle 54 #365 Col. Centro. Merida Yucatan, Mexico Merida, Mexico
Associated Center: Medina Flores Plastic Surgery
Speciality: Plastic Surgeon,
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About - Dr. Gilberto Medina Flores

Dr. Gilberto Medina Flores is a highly esteemed plastic surgeon based in Merida, Mexico, renowned for his exceptional expertise and dedication to the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Dr. Medina Flores has earned the trust and admiration of his patients for his compassionate approach and commitment to achieving natural-looking results. Specializing in a wide array of procedures, including facelifts, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and rhinoplasties, he consistently demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of his patients' desires and needs. Dr. Gilberto Medina Flores's reputation as a leading plastic surgeon in Merida stems from his skillful hands, artistic eye, and a strong emphasis on patient safety and satisfaction. Through his transformative work, he has helped countless individuals enhance their self-confidence and reclaim their sense of self, making him a true asset to the medical community in Merida, Mexico.


Medina Flores Plastic Surgery Prices in Merida MexicoPricesEnquire
Mommy Makeover in Merida, Mexico$9000Enquire
Face Lift in Merida, Mexico$6500Enquire
Liposuction in Merida, Mexico$4500Enquire
Tummy Tuck Surgery in Merida, Mexico$4500Enquire
Brazilian Butt Lift in Merida, Mexico$5000Enquire
Breast Implants in Merida, Mexico$4500Enquire
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Merida, Mexico$4500Enquire

Medina Flores Plastic Surgery reviews

  • User Profile Image

    Humberto G O

    Excellent doctor, professional and always keeping himself updated to offer the best to his patients.

    Medina Flores Plastic Surgery Apr 23 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Jose A O

    Excellent surgeons as well as people, highly qualified to do any surgery, recommended without a doubt.!!

    Medina Flores Plastic Surgery Apr 08 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Lore P

    Dr always so kind and attentive. my surgery went just fine. really pleased with the results.

    Medina Flores Plastic Surgery Apr 11 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Macarena L

    Excellent Surgeons very human. She can assure you that she loves her profession like few. Very professional. I can highly recommend him, I know him since forever and I know they are unique, I wouldn't hesitate to put me in his hands. Gil Mary I am so proud of you no doubt you are the best of the best. Love you both.

    Medina Flores Plastic Surgery May 10 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Irene S H

    Excellently trained surgeons, always at the forefront of surgical and non-surgical procedures, excellent quality products and above all excellent results.

    Medina Flores Plastic Surgery May 23 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Denisse I P

    Dr. Gilberto thank you for everything. The human and professional care she provides is greatly appreciated. The result was amazing loved it!

    Medina Flores Plastic Surgery Jun 08 2023

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