Mexico Summit on Medical Tourism Business

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Venue : Hotel Colonial, Blvd. Lopez Mateos 1048, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
Contact : Carlos Arceo - Mexico Medical Tourism Congress  Phone : 52 (322) 2993001

Know everything about medical tourism!

Connect to the world's leading industry experts in Mexicali, Mexico, this October!

This world-class destiantion will host the Mexico Summit on Medical Tourism Business where everyone will connect to the latest developments in the industry. Here you can find out more.


Mexico Summit on

Medical Tourism Business

October 16 - 18, 2013

Hotel Colonial, Mexicali, Mexico


The largest medical tourism business event will be held in October 2013 in Central America. At the center of two major medical tourism markets - the North American and South American Continent - the Mexico Summit on Medical Tourism Business in Mexicali, Mexico will connect all the greatest minds behind the medical tourism industry.

Why Medical Tourism Congress in Mexico?

Mexico has enormous potential at this time due to the successful development of the medical tourism industry that has become one of the major vectors of growth for the country's tourism sector.

International health travelers opt for Mexico’s health centers, wellness and beauty spas to take care of their needs, usually at a lower price than those found within their home country. Mexico medical tourism is just a small part of the globalization of healthcare that is taking place worldwide.

Retirement Tourism

With more and more baby-boomers opting for Latin America for care, the retirement tourism is gaining momentum. Canadian-USA-Buyers-Mexico-Medical-Tourism-Business-Congress-2013

The Business Opportunities at the Congress

Meet Potential Buyers:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Brokers and Financing Companies in the United States and Canada.

Learn from top specialists in medical tourism:

  • Lic. Carlos Joaquín González, B.Sc. - Subsecretary for Touristic Operation (SECTUR) of the Federal Government
  • Lic. Alma Rosa Cuesta Pérez - Secretary of Tourism for the State of Chihuahua
  • Ing. Javier Tapia Camou - Secretary of Tourism for the State of Sonora
  • C.P. Mónica González García - Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism for the State of Tamaulipas
  • Dr. Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Mézquita - Secretary of Health for the State of Yucatán
  • David P. Kalin - Chairman | International Board of Medicine And Surgery
  • Robert F. Priddy -  Vice-Chairman and President | American World Clinic


Mexico – a World Health Destination!

  • Mexico has JCI accredited hospitals
  • International Standards in health care
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Human Capital with experience and professionalism
  • 2,000,000 Baby Boomers living in Mexico
  • Natural candidates for Medical Tourism
  • Mexico: World Leader as a Retirement Destination
  • Mexico is a leader in world-class Spas


Why attend the Mexico Summit on

Medical Tourism Business?

Do business with the most important

  • Medical tourism facilitators
  • Travel agencies
  • Insurance companies and brokers

Meet CEOs, directors and chairmen of the most prestigious medical tourism consulting firms in the United States and Canada.

Talk to experts and international leaders who come to Mexico to share their visions regarding the tendencies and global evolution of the medical tourism industry.

Learn from international medical tourism marketing gurus and convert your brand into a competitive global name.

Strike deals with modern hospitals, state-of-the-art clinics and prestigious doctors from Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Spain and Turkey.


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