2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019

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Venue : London, UK, London, United Kingdom
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The 2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019 will be held on 10th and 11th of July, 2019 with major focus on the vital role of techonologyy impact in the sustainability of pharma and healthcare systems. Read details here.

2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019 UK

2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019

Integrating AI, IoT, Cloud & Big Data Analytics in Pharma & Healthcare

10th & 11th July 2019, London, UK

Our 2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019 will provide insight into the current state of play in the EU & US and stimulate debate, in a multi-stakeholder setting, on the vital role of techonologyy impact in the sustainability of pharma and healthcare systems. Beyond a comprehensive outlook of key European market access policies, our speakers will outline the key recent developments in technology impact in pharma and healthcare in the EU and other international jurisdictions. By attending this conference, you will gain a comprehensive outlook on the key issues surrounding latest technologies that are being analysed towards the pharma and healthcare. This event will provide an important platform for stakeholders to discuss and share best practices in furthering technology development in pharma and healthcare


  • HANS ULRICH BURGER, Senior Director Of Biostatistics, Roche
  • AIDAN COOPER, Innovation Technologist | Innovation Lab, Astrazeneca
  • ANDREW BRYANT, Principal Engineer / Principal Fellow, Novartis
  • DAVIDE BOTTALICO, Digital Healthcare & Innovation Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • EDDIE GUZDAR, Medical Head - Neuroscience, Sanofi Genzyme
  • MICHEL GIRAULT, Head Of Multi-Channel Marketing, Vifor Pharma
  • LENA GRANOVSKY, Director, Analytics And Big Data, Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • EVA Mclellan, Director, Oncology Pipeline (GPS/RE), Roche
  • ANAND DAS, Regional Client Partner, Pfizer
  • EMMANUEL PHAM, Vice President Biometry, Ipsen
  • NICOLAS BERNSMEIER, IT Business Partner for R&D, Bayer
  • PETER RUTHERFORD, Global Medical Lead - Orphan Renal Diseases, Vifor Pharma
  • BILL ARONSON, COO, Artificial Intelligence Research Group
  • RADHIKA RANGARAJU, Head of Urgent and Emergency Care Technology, NHS England
  • BRUNHILDE SCHOLZKE, Associate Director R&D IT, MSD
  • JINDRICH SOUKUP, Data Scientist, MSD
  • LEILA PIRHAJI, Founder & CEO, Revivemed (USA)
  • KRISHNA BULUSU, Senior Scientist, Oncology Bioinformatics, Astrazeneca
  • LARRY A. PICKETT Jr., CEO, RxDataScience
  • ABRAHAM JOSEPH, Founder & Editorial Director, IOT Insights
  • GABOR PURMAN, Senior Account Director Patient Services & Medical Education, Nexgen Healthcare
  • KETAN PATEL, Industry Consultant Life Sciences, Teradata


  • Market overview and analysis - Shaping the future of AI in Pharma
  • ML in Pharma and Medicine - A potential future in which synchronicity of data, analysis, and innovation are an everyday reality
  • AI - Challenges and opportunities
  • AI for Precision Medicine
  • Use of AI in early clinical development and drug discovery
  • Applications of Machine Learning in Pharma and Medicine
  • AI - Challenges exist, but opportunities beckon
  • Why and how human behaviour should / could be changed by technology?
  • Cyber Security is Critical in an Age of IoT and Healthcare Hacks
  • Preparing for the Implications of “Brexit” in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Impact of Digital Transformation in healthcare & pharma industry
  • Big data to big impact: AI-driven patient health optimisation
  • Big data - Why does drug manufacturers need your health records?
  • How AI technology can accelerate, cheapen and De-Risk R&D
  • How IoT is transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry?
  • IoT in Pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chains
  • Big Data Analytics – A Revolution in Drug Discovery and Pharma R&D
  • Pharma to open up big data for clinical trials, analytics
  • Clinical Trials innovations with big data and advanced analytics era
  • Differences that Internet of Things (IoT) Can Make to Healthcare
  • How IoT is poised to transform the world of pharma
  • Developing regulatory framework in advanced and developing markets – for Today & Tomorrow
  • Moving beyond 5 years – What will the technology landscape look like?
  • Be part of a major networking opportunity


CIOs, CEOs, CDOs, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Heads, Directors, Team Leaders, Evangelists and Senior Scientists from the following areas:

Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Innovation, Big Data, Deep Learning, Bioinformatics, Regulatory Compliance, New Product Development, Process Science, Portfolio Management, Research & Development, Business Development, Business Operations, Scientific Affairs, Commercial Affairs, Marketing.

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2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019 | Role of Technology in Pharma | Technology Development in Pharma and Healthcare | London | UK

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