Aestheticstanbul Symposium 2019

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Venue : , Istanbul, Turkey
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After the success of last year, Aestheticstanbul is coming again this year. The event is organized in October 2019 under the sponsorship of Estetik  International Health Group. The symposium will feature aesthetic surgeons, surgeons of different branches and medical students who could watch live performed surgeries followed by an interactive session of questions and answers.

Aestheticstanbul Symposium 2019

October 11-13, 2019

Istanbul, Turkey

Aestheticstanbul Symposium is all set to be held for the second time in October this year. The concept of Aestheticstanbul, which we carried out for the first time last year had a wide coverage both in the world and in the Turkish press.

Under the sponsorship of Estetik  International Health Group in Estetik International surgery theatres in total, 21 Live surgeries were performed. It was a symposium where aesthetic surgeons, surgeons of different branches and medical students could watch live performed surgeries. The audience in the conference room of Fairmont Quasar Hotel could also interactively join the operating rooms asking questions. The symposium was quite didactic and impressive for the participants.

What’s New This Year?

In Aestheticstanbul 2019, there are also some innovations this year. A medical aesthetics and dermatology workshops and presentations will be held under the title of Anti-Aging Medicine in a different meeting room of Fairmont Quasar Hotel.

During the symposium, world-class faculty from different parts of the world will bring the most recent and successful surgical techniques. The three-day event will see live surgeries in three separate operating theaters followed by simultaneous sessions of questions and answers. This is not all! There will be cultural unique and enchanting event, which will also contribute towards making the event memorable.

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