World Heart Congress 2020

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World Heart Congress 2020 will be held in Paris, France during March 26-27, 2020, to uncover your research ideas and work on heart health, cardiac diagnosis, and cardiac surgery comes under heart research.  Cardiology is a medical specialty and a branch of internal medicine concerned with the treatment of disorders of the heart and the blood vessels. World Heart Congress 2020 will provide you that international platform to explore your recent paper in front of renowned keynote speakers, delegates, CEOs, Professors and Doctors. 

World Heart Congress 2020 in Paris, France

World Heart Congress 2020

March 26-27, 2020

Paris, France

Cardiology is the branch of internal medicine that deals with the disorders of the heart as well as some parts of the circulatory system. A person who is specialized in this field of internal medicine is called as cardiologists. The Cardiovascular disease affected developed world has at their core atherosclerosis and hypertension, both of which are profoundly affected by diet. Long term high blood pressure. However, this is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, vision loss, and chronic kidney disease. ECG (electrocardiography) could be a strategy of collecting electrical signals produced by the heart. 
The World Heart Congress 2020 in Paris is going to cover all the divergent topics related to cardiology such as Heart Failure, Paediatric Cardiology, Health Disorders, Cardiovascular Diseases by discussing and presenting Keynote talks, Exhibition, Symposia, Workshops, Speaker sessions. World Heart Congress 2020 has planned to deliver various information and finding treatment of cardiovascular diseases which will be helpful for the attendees. The theme will be "Better Advancement in Cardiology and Heart Health".
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World Heart Congress 2020 | Cardiology | Heart Health | Paris | France

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