Public Health Nursing 2020

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The 9th International Conference on Public Health and Nursing, a two-day conference will be held on April 29-30, 2020 in Singapore. A track to the evaluation of Global Public Health Nursing modernizations and challenges

Public Health Nursing 2020 in Singapore

Public Health Nursing 2020

April 29-30, Singapore

9th International Conference on Public Health and Nursing, we are pleased to invite you to participate in a two-day conference on April 29-30, 2020 in Singapore

Theme: A track to the evaluation of Global Public Health Nursing modernizations and challenges

Conference Highlights:
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Primary Healthcare
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Care in Public Health
  • Nursing Types & Nursing Management
  • Community Nursing
  • Family Nursing
  • Rural Health & Legal Nursing
  • Transcultural & Occupational Health Nursing
  • Gerontology Nursing
  • Reproductive Health Nursing
  • Surgical & Wound Care Nursing
  • Epidemiology & Dermatology Nursing
  • Pediatric & Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Psychiatric & Dental Nursing
  • e-Medicine & Telehealth Nursing
  • Clinical, Critical Care & Emergency Nursing
  • Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care
  • Innovations and Developments in Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Midwifery and Women's Health
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Maternal Infant and Child Health
  • Preventive and Personalized Medicine 

This international meet (Public Health Nursing 2020) anticipates hundreds of delegates including keynote speakers, Oral presentations by renowned speakers and poster presentations by students besides delegates around the world. This conference perhaps a giant event that creates an ideal platform to share expertise addressing current advancements involved in Nursing, Public Health, and Health Care. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all the delegates as it provides an international networking opportunity to collaborate with the world-class Nursing Associations. All honorable authors, researchers, scientists, and students are encouraged to contribute and help the shape of the conference through submissions of their posters & research abstracts. Also, high-quality research contributions describing original and unpublished conceptual, constructive, experimental or theoretical work in all areas of Nursing and public health are warmly invited for presentations at the conference.

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Public Health Nursing 2020 | 9th International Conference on Public Health and Nursing | Singapore

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