Sustainable Medical Tourism Webinar

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Venue : Online, , United States
Contact : Pramod Goel  Phone : +1.303.500.3821

The webinar addresses the medical tourism infrastructure requirements for success and growth in the extremely competitive GLOBAL medical tourism industry.

Attend the webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase revenues via medical tourism
  • Grow your medical travel market share
  • Attract & coordinate patients via unique selling proposition
  • Optimize medical tourism business processes to reduce costs
  • Achieve medical tourism business SUSTAINABILITY

 How to Attract Medical Patients in your Region?

Monday, July 14th @ 2 PM MDT/ 8 PM GMT


We are entering into a new era of medical tourism with tremendous potential for success. The new medical tourism industry requires structured approach to getting patients.

Critical challenges that businesses face today:

  • Increase revenues through medical tourism
  • Grow patient base in this highly competitive market
  • Attract & coordinate patients based on unique selling proposition

The webinar will address the medical tourism business approach to be successful in this extremely competitive industry.

Webinar Agenda

  • Next Generation of Medical Tourism Industry
  • Understanding your local customers’ needs based on desired treatment, destination choices, budgets, travel considerations
  • Targeted marketing – which marketing program is good for you
  • PlacidWay partnership

About the Speaker

Mr. Pramod Goel is President and founder of PlacidWay, an internationally recognized industry leader in medical tourism. PlacidWay has over 250 medical providers in more than 30 countries. His leadership and entrepreneurship has resulted in several globally successful enterprises. He provides strategic solutions across multiple industries such as healthcare, technology, travel/ hospitality, energy and manufacturing.

Join us and other medical tourism professionals

for an information-packed event you cannot afford to miss.

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