The National Conference on Health Care Consumerism

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Venue : Venetian Resort Hotel, Las Vegas, United States
Contact : Catherine Skelton  Phone : 804.266.7422 ext. 7404

Solving the Health Care Globalization Puzzle: Strategies for Competing in the Global Marketplace...

The convergence of the Consumer Directed Health Care Conference and the National Wellness, Prevention and Fitness Conference... Lowering employers' health benefits costs and improving productivity by linking innovative plan design and funding with proven health promotion strategies.

The National Conference On Health Care Consumerism features two tracks of programming: Best Employer Healthcare Strategies and Wellness & Prevention Strategies to Improve Employee Health & Corporate Performance. These three tracks will connect innovative plan design and funding options with wellness and prevention strategies that improve employee health and corporate performance. With dedicated programming for employer strategies and wellness/prevention strategies, this conference will focus on lowering employers’ health beneift costs while also improving productivity.

The Health Care Globalization Summit... Connecting You to a World of Opportunity

The Health Care Globalization Summit will showcase the solutions, including information technology and platforms, that are enabling the globalization of care and guaranteeing an unbroken continuum of care for patients receiving treatment abroad. US providers and employers will also be brought to the table to see the opportunities of a global healthcare model. Highlights of the Summit will include:

  • Presenting the final version of the McKinsey Report on cross-border patient flow
  • Showcasing solution providers that enable global healthcare
  • Connecting US corporations and companies that sell global plans or overseas medical services
  • Demonstrating the opportunities of a global model to US providers
  • Removing issues of quality and liability as barriers to global healthcare

Health 3.0 Summit... A Radical Vision for the Future

The Health 3.0 Summit will focus on the many expanding and changing ways consumers are accessing care and information, as well as identify the companies and tools that are empowering today’s consumers. Topics covered at the summit will include:

  • Portals and search
  • Consumer and provider communities
  • Health advisory and financial services engaging the consumer on health issues
  • Personal health records and consumer empowerment tools


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